A Garden of War

A Race to Serpent's Pass!

Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


The heroes race against time across Ferron’s Gauntlet!

The 17th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • After the defeat of the collosal Titan Centipede, the party healed up and continued examining the immediate area. First they took a closer look at the mosaic of the Orc-King’s Conquest that clung to the domed ceiling of his mausoleum.
  • The mosaic depicted the Orc-king leading a massive army over mountains, across plains, and through blizzards. At one point, he even appears to ask dragons to fly his army across the sea, and they did. The last frames of the mosaic show the orc-king slaying a human king who’s head was adorned with an impressive crown that seemed to shed it’s own light. The final image is of the orc-king turned to his army and his enemies subjects, holding the crown above his head in victory.
  • Bronn noticed something very odd about the mosaic. Where at first he thought the image was depicting the moon multiple times, he began to wonder if it was in fact showing two different moons. The closer he looked, the more convinced he became. One of the moons clearly resembled Calune’s Aegis, but the other appeared entirely foreign to him.
  • Learning all they could from the mausoleum, the party next turned their focus on tracking down the strange troglodyte that tried to warn of the centipede’s approach. And so Bronn took the lead, and though tracking on what was largely hard stone proved challenging, the dwarf was able to follow the trog’s movements to a low crack in a ceiling a quarter-mile from the bereft orc-king’s resting place.
  • Crawling on their hands and knees to get through, the party entered into a large room that they soon realized used to be a city square. The walls were half-fallen buildings that seemed to be supporting the mountains above them. The room was filled with a glowing light provided by iridescent mushrooms, that littered the floors and low walls of the space. Narrow paths cut between the fungi, and on one such path stood a frightened looking trog, the same one that had warned them judging from his thready garb.
  • The troglodyte threatened the party, which was both hollow and intimidating. It spoke in extremely broken draconic, such that even Farius and Colya who were trained in the tongue had trouble making out his words. Still, they were able to communicate, albeit clumsily. At first they tried diplomacy, but they either chose the wrong words, or their meaning was lost in translation. The trog threatened them again, to which Farius returned with a threat of his own. It seemed the troglodyte understood that message loud and clear, and he threw down his spear and put up his hands. The group then slowly explained that they meant him know harm, they simply had questions for him. At this the trog seemed to warm up to the group, and he happily, yet dumbly, answered.
  • Between his grunts and nods, his gesturing and his emotions; from directed questions and inane ramblings, the party gleaned the following information.
  • The creatures name was Durbag, it’s lived here forever, or as long as it knows
  • Someone who resembled the party (a human) had been here recently, or as recent as Durbag could recall. He had no bearing on time, for he never saw the sky.
  • Colya shared a mental image of Archmage Eyzenore with Durbag, which he recognized. She was the one who had been here recently.
  • Durbag took the party to the place where he saw her. He returned them to the mausoleum.
  • He explained that a “gold man” was with her. She was bound. They searched the sarcophagus, the gold man got angry that something wasn’t there. Colya’s friend laughed at the gold man. The gold man beat Colya’s friend, then took the orc-king’s remains from the grave.
  • The group was floored by these revelations. If what Durbag recalled was true, the Archmage was brought here, conscious but against her will. She opened her own lock, but the thing the Gold Goblin sought wasn’t here. Perhaps the Archmage had planned for something like this, and moved the secret when she had first come here and created the lock.
  • The party offered for them to take Durbag to the outside, but he seemed to have no interest. This was his home. The party thanked the troglodyte for his help before he skittered off.

The 18th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • The group decided to take a half-day to search the lost city for valuables, which yielded six items (to be rolled later). Edra found a 7th item inside the belly of the centipede they had slain. They search had proved fruitful indeed! After eight hours of sleep the party awoke and headed out into the cold evening.

The 20th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • After the two day trek back to The Crossroads, the party finally reached their destination. It was the ninth hour of the evening when the party reunited with Orden at the headquarters. Though he was relieved to see the group returned safely, he was also screaming that they didn’t have time to chat. The Resistance had picked up that a meeting was taking place at midnight tonight between The Horde and several chieftains of tribes of cannibalistic barbarians from the Silver Strand. The meeting was to take place at the summit of Serpent’s Pass, over twenty miles away. Even hustled, they would be hard pressed to make their deadline if they left immediately. They saw no other choice and rode out at once!
  • They raced through forests, hills, and mountains as fast as their horses would push themselves. When not pressed for time, they would never travel by the highways, but now so pushed for time, they found themselves with no other choice. Though the roads were on constant Horde patrol, Asgirrithad was with them this night for they met no enemies along their hastened ride.
  • Finally they neared the summit, and dismounting, Edra snuck forward. She saw first two massive white wolves at the back of the horde pack. Between the wolves, half-a-dozen survivors stood. Edra noticed a few things about them: they seemed healthy compared to other captured survivors she had seen, and they all had blonde hair, which she shared in common with them. Edra knew that the Silver Strand cannibals treated fair-skinned, blonde haired humans as delicacies… these were here to smooth over negotiations with the barbarians. After the blondes came a pack of orcs, and towering over them, a frost giant! Beyond the giant, another ten or so barbarians stood. Edra had seen enough, and she approached the group shouting out at the giant. They shared heated words until Colya flung a fireball from the cliffside to kick off the combat.
  • The winter-wolves breaths were like blizzards, the frost-giants axefalls like thunder, but despite it all the party prevailed in the end!

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Understanding the Orc-King’s Conquest 1,000
Draconic Diplomacy (Roleplay with Durbag) 6,000
Racing to Serpent’s Pass! 3,000
Orc Sergents 2 600 6 3,600
Barbarian Raiders 2 600 4 2,400
Great Axe Fury 10 9,600 1 9,600
Cannibalistic Hunter 9 6,400 1 6,400
Blackscale Sorcerer 9 6,400 1 6,400
Winterwolf Worgs 5 1,600 2 3,200
Envoy to the Gold Goblin (Frost Giant Raider) 11 12,800 1 12,800
Subtotal 42,800 / 6
Total 8,800xp



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