A Garden of War

Escape from The Brineshell

Campaign: A Garden of War


The First Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • Our heroes began the next leg of their journey deep beneath Brineshell Keep in a dusty library kept by Rohmanar the Knowing, arguably the greatest loremaster living in the kingdoms. They spent the entire night listening to the stories the old man wove, alternate histories that he learned from the most peculiar source; an ancient dragon. Rohmanar did all he could for the party, but the Old Tongue was still largely untranslated, so the wizard pointed the group toward the dragon who speaks the lost language.
  • To make the translation possible, Rohmanar gifted Sarien with an incredible blade, ancient of make but powerful, and sentient. The loremaster explained that it is the blade that translates the Old Tongue when he visits the dragon in search of information. Finally, Rohmanar looted the castles coffers so the party could bring gifts and gold to the greedy dragon.
  • With their path known before them, Rohmanar and our cast of heroes made their way through the royal escape tunnels to a mundane street beyond the walls of the ocean keep. In a final message, Rohmanar reminded the party not to take Ol’ Rhaz lightly, he had slain many great warriors, and nearly killed King Cassio in his valorous youth along with the wizard himself. He wished them to avoid conflict at all cost; for no matter the outcome of the fight, great lives and impossibly deep pools of knowledge may be lost forever. The wizard then circled the carriage and horses he had arranged for them, and cast feather fall on the train of animals.
  • With Vehana only just rising above the eastern hills, our party began their escape from the Brineshell. Along their way they encountered castle knights seeking royal identification (which the party was happy to show for); a displacer beast from a menagerie that broke loose (held with magic, then covered with mist and fled). They waited out a slow moving funeral procession for fear of attracting too much attention then blasted through a guard rail only several blocks beyond, ramping their feather-falled carriage onto rooftops, crushing chimneys and fruitcarts below when they returned to the streets. They raised the ire of a local wizard by ruining his precious experiment, and generally raised great alarm along their winding course through the city streets.
  • Not a block from the ramp that would take them up and over the city wall, three Judges blocked the street and read the party their many crimes. Some where true, but the worst were a case of mistaken identity and wrongful accusations. “Lay down your arms and hand over THE DEVICE or part with your lives to be judged accordingly” they threatened.
  • It was two of the tree Judges who were parted with their lives to be judged. The third, Judge Grice was behanded but left alive to seek the truth of the awful confrontation. Before the conflict ended however, Sarien had a magical permanent branding on his forehead that reads “outlaw”, and glows in the presence of a holy symbol of Oldar.
  • With their foes defeated, our party charged up the ramp, blasted a hole in the crenelations, and launched their carriage off the several hundred foot high cliff overlooking the bay of leaves beyond!
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Carriage Chase 10 9,600 1 9,600
Brineshell Archers 6 2,400 4 9,600
Brineshell Guards 5 1,600 4 6,400
Judges of Oldar 12 19,200 3 57,600
Subtotal 83,200 / 7
Total 11,885xp



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