A Garden of War

Escape from The Brineshell (Part II)

Campaign: A Garden of War


The First Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • Outside of the city, beneath a solitary tree sat Ilrune the wandering seer. He had traveled here following visions. His last far-sight was three days ago, and it was of this tree outside the city. So he sat and contemplated. His quiet thinking was soon to come to a crashing end.
  • From the sky soared a treasure laiden carriage with a team of horses before and a pair tied up behind. Within and atop the coach rode what appeared to be Brineshell elites, aristocrats of fine dress and stature; though these were clearly imposters judging by the weapons they wielded and the fearlessness with which they steered a wagon through the sky. Ilrune quickly realized it wasn’t so much flying as floating, and it was on a direct collision course with the tree that he sat before. From the coach flew a bead of fire. Ilrune retreated and the tree ignited in flames, weakening the limbs. The carriage crashed through the tree and landed on the road beyond. With a bounce and a skip the wagon touched down and blasted its way north along the road. Ilrune was quick to pursue.
  • Cahal spotted the oracle and recognizing him, flew down and quickly updated Ilrune on the situation. He vowed to help the party escape the city before asking any more questions.
  • There was little time for banter for the party was pursued by the castle garrison; most dangerously a pair of sky-knights in service to a foreign liege. Our heroes raced through mountain passes, battled across precarious bridges, forded a raging river, and blasted through the fortified gate and keep atop the mountain’s ridge; all while fending off lances, swords, sinister spells, and the wrath of Dimeria’s chosen warriors!
  • Most knights were simply slowed or removed from the chase, a few were killed in the struggle including one of the two avian-bound cavaliers and her winged steed. Her companion sky-knight doggedly pursued the party and battled Cahal over air superiority until he was the only enemy left and stood little chance on his own. He fled, vowing to return in time.
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Brineshell Knights 7 3,200 12 38,400
Brineshell Wizards 6 2,400 2 4,800
Skyknights 11 12,800 2 25,600
Hazards of the Chase 10 9,600 1 9,600
Subtotal 78,400 / 7
Total 11,200xp



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