A Garden of War

Fire from the Sky

Campaign: A Garden of War


Session Summary

The 16th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Dawn broke over the village, and the docks bustled to life. The party made way for the port, to meet Doc Laselle to confirm their passage on the Sunfish. Laselle, having checked with his captain the previous night, agreed upon a price for the voyage, and led the party on board the ship. Asgrim sang with a booming voice as the crew pushed off from the dock. Sarien blew a mighty gust of wind into the sails, an effort the salty Captain Twobeards was not so happy about. He quickly reminded the wizard that this was his ship, and while they were aboard his deck, they would follow his command. Still, aided by bardic and arcane talents, the ship made a speedy departure from The Skyrealm, with a course charted for The Brineshell.
  • A drum erupted from the hull of the ship, as rows of oars treaded the choppy waters of Breaker’s Bay. Asgrim went on to investigate, and was staggered to find a very old dwarf sitting at the massive drum, leading the rowers in their work. Even more interestingly, the drum he played was that of a “tunnel drummer”, who’s duty it was to lead dwarven work groups, or war parties, through the deep mountain caverns. Asgrim introduced himself and was shocked to find out that the dwarf was one of his lost clan: a Furyforge Dwarf! The dwarf shared that his name was Ulfar, and that he grew up in the Furyforge. He was on a mining expedition when the Citadel fell, and he seemed to carry a great shame that he wasn’t there to stand or fall with his dwarven brethren. Asgrim promised him that the Furyforge would be restored, and that he would call on Ulfar when the time was near, the claiming of the citadel would take many heroes, old and young.
  • Sarien made friendly with the captain after a time, and offered his services as a deck-wizard, that he might ply their sails with a mighty breeze. Twobeards maintained a grumpy countenance, but it was clear that he was thankful for the quick travel. They would make port ahead of schedule, if they kept the current pace.
  • And so the party traveled as such for nearly a ten-day, crossing the waters of Breaker’s Bay, and eventually losing all sight of land. They had entered the Azuran Sea, the realm of Asgirrathad, Lord of the Deep.
  • On the eighth day they spotted land. Twobeards showed the party where they were on the map, approaching the Selsurn Peninsula from the east. Soon they turned north, as they rounded The Cape of the Defender, and entered the Bay of Leaves.

The 25th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Night fell on the ninth day of their voyage, and with it, a great fog crept across the bay. Twobeards had no reason for concern, at least not yet. Yet soon the fog grew thicker, unearthly and malevolent. Cahal took wing to investigate. Flying over a particularly opaque bunch of fog, his keen eagle ears heard the distinct sound of water lapping against the hull of a ship. He quickly returned to the Sunfish to warn her captain and crew. Twobeards suspected piracy, a feeling that would be confirmed only moments later as the seaman in the crows-nest cried out above the fog, PIRATES OFF THE STARBOARD STERN!!! The crew would only have moments to prepare.
  • The lookout continued to yell down with what he saw. Through the fog burst the bow of a ship. The figurehead was that of a busty woman, wielding a massive rapier in her outstretched hand. Above black sails and on it’s highest mast, flew the Jolly Roger, and above it a flag with a sigil of a needle and thread. THE NEEDLEWORK PIRATES! GARIUS THE NEEDLE ’COME TO BLEED US DRY! screamed the lookout. On the deck, the crew of the Sunfish shook in their boots, for Garius “The Needle” was one of the greatest swordsmen to sail the nine seas, and he kept a “sea devil” for a first mate!
  • The pirate ship approached with a swift abandon, as a wizard worked the black sails with her own windy torrent of spells. As the ship pulled up beside them and docking boards slammed out across the starboard side of the Sunfish, the sky lit up with a brilliant red!
  • Behind the party, a phosphorous crimson light began falling from the sky. They were witnessing a ringfall! Blades of buccaneers crossed, as the meteor descended through the night sky. It looked like it would hit rather close to their ship, only a league off their port-side. Twobeards, as experienced as he was, knew there wasn’t a moment to hesitate, and began to steer the Sunfish toward the point of impact, from where the inevitable tsunami would surely be born. The Needlework ship broke away, as Sarien had torched the bucanneer at the wheel, and no-one stood to take it’s control.
  • The party fought valiantly against the Needlework Pirates, who’d all been trained by Garius in the art of fencing. Most of his crew proved easy work for the able adventurers, but The Needle himself would not be so easily defeated, nor his first mate, the four-armed sahaguin champion. The deck of the Sunfish began to tilt, as it ascended the great rolling wave! Some hundred feet from the oceans surface, the battle raged on, as new combatants entered the scene. Bursting from the wave, and altered by the magical release of the ringfall’s impact, mutated devilfish scrambled to the deck, leaving a slippery black ink in their wake. Tentacles and blades, shields and spells all clashed at the peak of the wave, as a moment of weightlessness took them over. Rushing down the far side of the tsunami, the party finished off the last of their foes, The Needle among them. The crew of the Sunfish, overwhelmed with the emotion of near-death and incredible heroics, cried out in triumph and disbelief. They had survived, and thanks in most to the great adventurers they’d been so fortunate to take aboard.

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Meshing with the crew (roleplay) 1,000
Garius the Needle 12 19,200 1 19,200
Ka’uh’kla’kan 10 9,600 1 9,600
Deck Wizard 5 1,600 1 1,600
The Needlework Crew 2 600 14 8,400
Ringfall Tsunami 5 1,600 1 1,600
Advanced Invincible Devilfish 6 4 2,400 9,600
Subtotal 51,000 / 6
Total 8,500xp



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