A Garden of War

Heirs and Heretics

Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


Among the remains of the Crossroads ruined building, is the old Church of Illyra, Maiden of the Harvest; somehow demanding reverence even in ruin.

The 11th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Having freed the prisoners from Fort Lobel and fled the scene in a hurry, the group traveled through the day and into the night to get back to the Crossroads. The party was happy to learn that they had saved Flukka’s son Edra, the fighter who was being whipped when they arrived. They immediately showed him to his mother on their arrival to the hideout. The adventurers rested easy that night knowing they had helped reunite a mother and son.

The 12th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Orden called the officers for a meeting in the war room in the late morning. There Flukka also waited. Edra was ushered in a moment later, seeming to have been called for the same meeting. Orden told everyone to sit down, that Flukka had some things to say. He looked somewhat absent, as if he was pondering something profound.
  • Flukka proceeded to explain the unbelievable. She claimed to be the widow of the late Prince Ferron. When he was on his crusade fifteen years ago, his army had been snowed in and saved by her tribe, despite the fact that they rode for Ferron’s Oath against Savagery. In the weeks that they were snowed in together, Ferron grew to understand the errors of his ways, even going as far as to fall in love and wed a barbarian witch, though it no doubt helped that she was a beautiful, and the daughter of a powerful and respected chieftain. Many of Ferron’s followers disagreed strongly, and understandably, for Ferron was to be King of Gothrilad. Others felt that he was being coerced or even seduced by Flukka. Ferron never doubted his choice however, and neither did Flukka. When the winter broke Ferron rode to the Furthest Shore where he had planned to do ultimate battle with the barbarian paragon, half-giant Jarl Jornbruun. The two met alone, though instead of fighting they spoke, they connected, and they agreed to a truce, and a peace between colonists and natives. Ferron felt he had achieved his greatest feat yet, but again naysayers in his following existed. The following night a Ringfall event took place that killed the heir of Gothrilad. Ferron died that night so that Flukka might live. That his how she had been so terribly scarred. Though she was not the only one touched by Ringfall that night, for she also carried a child in her womb. That child was Edra, the lost heir of Gothrilad.
  • This all starkly contrasted the history of Ferron’s final days as the party knew them to be. Legend says that Ferron rode alone to the Furthest Shore where he slew Jarl Jornbruun. Though he had victory, the prince had been fatally wounded in the battle. In his dying hour he scribed Ferron’s Commandment in which he asked for his men to continue on his mission, his oath against savagery. He died a hero and for a great cause, at least according to colonists. Natives hate Ferron, for his commandment has been used to badger and abuse peaceful barbarians since the prince’s death. The Church of Daetheleor in the colonies took up that charge, lead by Sir Theodus Claymore, Ferron’s ex right-hand-man, future bishop, and head native-marriage naysayer. In fact it was no doubt on Bishop Claymore’s order’s that prompted Flukka’s next secret.
  • Meanwhile Edra stood before the group stunned, learning that her father was the heir to Gothrilad. Her father was also the man her people hated for condemning them to sub-humane treatment. Edra understood it all, but it was far too much to take in.
  • Flukka spoke up again for another reveal. She explained that Ferron left the world a girl to inherit his kingdom, not a boy. Edra was shocked again that her mother shared their great secret, but it seemed today was the day for such truths to surface. She explained that the Church of Daetheleor had caught wind of a rumor that Ferron may have had a bastard child to a barbarian woman, and that this child was a girl. Flukka had Edra change her identity to that of a man to keep her safe, and been maintaining the guise for nearly a decade.
  • After fielding many inquiries Flukka sat and Edra rose to spoke. She swore to join the Resistance and to fight back against the Gold Goblin. Her father had given his life for these people and for this land, so would she if need be.
  • The group decided to keep this information between them at the moment. It had been a very long night before, a hard-fought battle, a long ride back, and now this. The party was exhausted, and so they retired for the night.

The 13th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • The day passed with little to report, the duties of The Resistance moved forward, and everyone stewed on the epic revelations of the last night.
  • That evening, while seated in his favorite lookout – the steeple of a ruined Church of Illyra – Brother Bronn heard a ruckus passing down the streets several blocks away. He and his watch approached and saw the noise to be a caravan of what seemed to be mostly goblins, with several ogres in the pack. They had wagons laden with goods and behind the rearmost cart they pulled a handful of wretched looking survivors. Bronn had seen enough, and hustled down to the hideout and informed the party, which quickly gathered and left after a brief blessing from Chaplain Restna. Colya and Farius had other pressing resistance matters to attend to so they stayed at the hideout.
  • The rest of the party left the hideout and moved to ambush them several miles down the road. They found a burned-out farm house and a grouping of boulders that would work perfectly, and waited for their pray.

The 14th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • In the early hours of the morning the party drew first blood, when a scout from the goblin convoy ventured far ahead of the group and spotted one of the resistance members. The giant-vulture mounted goblin quickly turned to report back to his comrades, but Hess made quick order of the goblin and mount, and shut their mouths permanently.
  • A while later the rest of the convoy arrived, and the party set off their ambush! The goblin riders fought fiercely, and their ogre guards brought caused incredible damage, but the brave party fought on to win the day!

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Flukka’s burden becomes Edra’s destiny 6,000
Foiling the Vulture-riding scout 1,000
Goblins 4 1,200 4 4,800
Goblin Riders 5 1,600 4 6,400
Goblin Frog-Talker 5 1,600 1 1,600
Goblin Vulture-Rider 3 800 1 800
Ogre Brutes 6 2,400 3 7,200
Subtotal 27,800 / 6
Total 4,633xp



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