A Garden of War

Into the Belly of the Beast

Campaign: A Garden of War


Session Summary

The 25th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • The Sunfish cut through the waters of the Bay of Leaves as it descended the massive wave created by ringfall. The crew stood dismayed looking over the deck of the ship, now slippery with squid ichor and the blood of a dozen Needlework pirates. Among the bodies, Garius the Needle lay lifeless, yet he still clutched his prized rapier. Sarien took to identifying the blade and was stunned to find that it was not only expertly crafted, but had been forged from ringsteel, and incredibly rare and hard-to-work alloy infused with ringfall magic. It was the first magical weapon the party had encountered, and it fit easily in the arcanist’s palm, thanks to his martial training as a youth.
  • After tending to his ship and crew, Captain Twobeards approached the party and sincerely thanked them for their efforts. He knew full-well that they could have been looted, captured, capsized or killed. Twobeards invited the party into his personal quarters to talk further. Once inside, Shervin swore a debt to the group, if he could help them in their quest, he would do everything he could. Thus, he politely pressed the party of their plans in The Brineshell. The group was wary to reveal much of their quest, and mentioned nothing of the burden they carried with them across the Azuran Sea. They did mention that they sought an audience with Rohmanar, the Royal Loremaster. Shervin scoffed at this, informing the party of just how difficult it might prove to be; for The Brineshell was a starkly segregated city. The bustling sea-port below housed the poor, while the elite lived above, and they were wary of outsiders and those who toiled beneath their feet. Additionally, The Brineshell is the Throne of Aonar, upon which a senial and paranoid king sits. That said, Twobeards revealed that his “employer” was a very powerful man in The Driftdowns, the underside of the Brineshell, and that he may be able to help them in this; they did save one of this mystery employers valuable assets. The party accepted whatever help they could receive, and spent the rest of the night discussing The Brineshell and it’s many qualities.

The 26th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • In the ninth hour of the morning, Sunfish caught sight of The Brineshell for the first time. As they approached it struck the party just how truly magnificent, and how unfathomably colossal it’s ancient owner must have been; A leviathan that left it’s carapace behind eons ago, the likes of which man has never seen.
  • As the ship approached, the party could make out a castle at the shell’s top, and many gorgeous and grand estates and palaces of the wealthy that make the Topside their home. Yet as they drew closer, their eyes drifted downward to the massive sea-cave beneath. The Driftdowns stretched out before them for miles, pier upon pier, business and bustlers, swashbucklers and swindlers. At it’s center, The Heart glowed a blood red, and from it pumped steam and smog, byproducts of the foundry and mint.
  • As the Sunfish docked, Twobeards told the party that he would visit his employer, and would send word to the Wicked Widow pub with his response the following morning. Asgrim went under-deck to speak with Ulfar about the dwarves of The Brineshell. Ulfar had a low opinion of those dwarves who run The Heart, though he highly recommended the Siren’s Call feast-hall.
  • Thus, the party said their farewells to the crew and stepped off The Sunfish after a tenday of travel. The docks bustled with activity, workers, gulls, and begging children. The group made their way down the pier for some time until descending a set of stairs to a gondola dock. Gondola’s were a trusted form of travel in the Driftdowns, and was faster and generally more safe than walking the crowded piers and docks.
  • After a time, a gondola pulled up to the dock with a glowing globe lantern at it’s bow. The Gondolier introduced herself as Ornela Girovenzi, of the famed Girovenzi family. Ornela’s ancestors were the first to bring gondola’s to The Brineshell, she toted. The party boarded her boat and she pushed off the piers with expert control. As they traveled, Ornela tells the group about several other inns, taverns, and locations of interest within the city.
  • In a moment of conversation, Ornela didn’t notice the figure of a man ascending out of the water before them. As the gondola drew closer the group realized that this man was in fact a corpse, hanged around the neck be the tongue of a massive lurker-beast. A second descended to their side, and the party fought desperately to keep them at bay. Both Asrim and Taranath were grappled and strangled by the creatures, but between the summoned creatures of the summoner and druid, and Sarien’s spells, they were able to take down the creatures.

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
New city, new allegiances (roleplay w/ Shervin Twobeards) 4,000
Lurker Above 7 3,200 1 6,400
Uneasy footing! (combat on a gondola) 8 4,800 1 4,800
Merciful DM Bonus 13,600
Subtotal 28,800 / 6
Total 4,800xp



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