A Garden of War

Passing through Heaven's Gate

Campaign: A Garden of War


The 27th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Having been alerted to the presence of Denegroth, the party chose to change lodgings, not wanting another run-in with the wizard. He had the upper hand if he knew they were here and where they were lodging. Lirah suggested they stay with Don Carza, “His mansion is likely the safest place in all the Driftdowns, from unwanted scrying or otherwise”. The group agreed this was the best course of action, paid off their tabs at the Siren’s Call, thanked Snowi and Tevrius, and hustled to the Don’s estate. They wove a back-and-forth path through the piers and split up in hopes of shaking any potential tail. Once back at the Carza estate, the Don was more than happy to afford his new business partners rooms, he was afterall, in their debt so to speak.

The 28th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • The following day the group began their intense and expedited training of Topside laws, mannerisms, and etiquette. With the Don’s resources at their disposal, Lirah hired the most talented tailors and forgers in the city. Together they came up with a cover, the reason for their business on the topside; they were a group of elite traveling entertainers. Asgrim would weave tales, Sarien would perform parlour tricks, and so on. They decided to stay as true to the truth as possible however, and chose to maintain their identities and backgrounds.
  • While the party trained, “The Tickler” extracted answers from the syndicate thugs the group detained, as well as Enric Ensada, Don Carza’s rat, a backstabbing member of The Sevens revealed by the party’s help.

The 30th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • It wasn’t until the hour of the wolf on the Last Mace that Ensada spilled his secrets to The Tickler. The information was immediately relayed to the party and Don Carza. The group had spent the last two days training while they waited for answers, and were now as ready as they were going to be for the trip topside.
  • According to The Tickler’s new friend, The Shadow Blade’s ultimate plot was to maim and kill as many Topsiders as possible with some sort of automated acid bomb device. Although the exact location of the device was unknown to the interrogatee, he knew the plan was to deliver the acid via the waterworks at the core of The Heart. Asgrim recalled an earlier conversation with Tevrius at the Siren’s Call tavern. Tevrius had explained that The Heart was engineered by a Furyforge Dwarf. Whether he lived still, and if he was still in The Driftdowns had yet to be learned. Knowing this, Lirah put to work Don Carza’s network, and after a few hours the dwarf had been found. He could be found drinking his sorrows away at The Sea-King’s Castle.
  • With that info in hand, and the summer solstice at midnight tonight, the group moved into action. The made their way to The Sea-King’s Castle, a massive tavern apparently shaped from sea coral. The whitebeard Marblewright was exactly where he was said to be found, leaning heavily on the bar, with several empty tankards in front of him. Asgrim spearhearded the discussion and talked to the old dwarf for some time, bonding on their shared heritage as Furyforge dwarves. Asgrim learned that it Marblewright had been sent on a diplomatic mission to The Brineshell to aid in the construction of The Heart. In it’s early construction, The Heart was toted as a savior to the city; a bridge to connect the gap between two worlds. Not only would it function as a lift and foundery, employing many of the poor below, but it would also contain a magical water purifier, blessed by Cardinal Dionis, Vicar of Litoralies. Madden’s sister Marge had forged the purifier in the Furyforge, Madden travelled with it and see to it’s installation, along with the other waterworks involved in The Heart’s operation.
  • For fear of being overheard, Asgrim wished to seek a more private place for conversation, Madden mentioned that he lived nearby, and warmly (although drunkenly) invited his “brother-in-beards” to his quarters. Marblewright seemed to be oblivious to the rest of the party, which hung back, allowing the dwarves to bond without their presence. Once the dwarves left the tavern, the party followed not far behind. The old dwarf led them to the Driftdowns neighborhood known as Sailor’s Sleep, called such for the waters nearby have become the dumpsight for the bodies of the murdered and forgotten of the Driftdowns. Nearby, priests of Yevora readied several bodies for disposal by bathing them and tying large stones around their ankles to sink them.
  • Rounding several corners the dwarves made down a back alley to Madden’s apartment. It was small and in disarray, the walls lined with makeshift shelves holding scroll upon scroll. Asgrim inquired of them and Madden explained that it was the body of his life’s work as a hydro-engineer. Asgrim was astounded by the size of the collection. Despite it’s apparent haphazardness, Madden knew precisely where each scroll was, unrolling several and explaining them briefly to the dwarf. It was entirely boring and time was of the essence, so Asgrim interrupted, bluntly informing Madden of the acid-bomb threat, and asking where such a device would have to be placed in order to function as intended.
  • Half-way up the heart, was where the purifier was installed. This was also where the massive waterclock and calendar was that the party saw earlier, turning endlessly along the spire of The Heart. The bomb would have to be installed above the purifier, lest the acid be neutralized by the blessed artifact. Either that, or it had been bypassed or somehow disabled. It seemed the party’s information on the matter would be informed speculation at best.
  • Marblewright was crushed by the news. He carried a tremendous burden in knowing he helped to construct the monstrosity that The Heart had become. His family’s final legacy was the purifier, and now its use would come into question. Asgrim saw the old dwarfs hope fading, so he assured him to fear not! “We will disable this bomb if we can, I have powerful friends who will help. We may or may not succeed at this as the hour is late, but I will assure you of one thing, from here our path wanders, but I have vowed to return to, and reclaim The Furyforge for our people. We will need people like you there brother, help us take our homeland back!” Asgrim’s power of oration was obvious, and he moved the old dwarf to tears of joy. Marblewright stood, embraced Asgrim, then turned to rummage through his scrolls. Far in the back, and buried beneath piles of papyrus, Madden withdrew an impressive leather scroll case. “Then you’ll need this” he said, handing it to Asgrim. “The citadel was flooded. The bastards used our greatest achievement against us. You’ll need to know the waterworks if you hope to reclaim the city.”
  • Asgrim unfolded the scroll to reveal the blueprints of The Furyforge. Their detail and accuracy were incredible! It dawned on him that this was the first time he had ever “seen” The Furyforge, his lost homeland. As far as Marblewright new, it was the only map of it’s kind in existence. All of the citadel’s blueprints were stored in the royal vault deep within the mountain, and had been lost in the Goblin War. Madden had secretly drafted one to keep for himself, as his collection was his greatest pride. Asgrim accepted the scroll with all the reverence due to the situation. He re-swore his oath to reclaim the Furyforge, gave a strong dwarven handshake to the old engineer, and stepped from the apartment and back to the party. The group returned to the Carza estate before discussing the new information, and their next move.
  • Asgrim explained everything he had learned from the old dwarf to the group. They deliberated heatedly over the best course of action, and ultimately decided that the threat of the cube they carried, the return of Denegroth, and the path to Heaven’s Gate on the horizon, they couldn’t afford to entangle themselves in the plot between the Shadow Syndicate and The Seven’s. That said, the group still intended to visit the summer solstice party.
  • Armed with Lirah’s training, the party made their way to The Heart, to use the lift that would deliver them to the topside. The guards at the bottom of the lift, although naturally suspicious, allowed the party to pass after being showed documentation, and in witnessing their mannerisms and dress, let the group onto the lift.
  • While on the lift Taranath overheard several studious looking fellows discussing their interest in the very solstice party our adventurers had planned to crash. It seemed that luck was finally with the group, as they further discussed their excitement over getting to mingle with Rohmanar the Knowing; apparently he was slated to usher in the new season by giving a speech on history and the passing of time. If they hadn’t already planned to attend the solstice party, they certainly couldn’t afford to miss it now.
  • The lift passed to the Topside, where the brightness of daylight and the cleanliness of the air stuck the group immediately. They had spent half of a ten-day in the cave-like Driftdowns, where muttled greys and browns were all the color to be seen, and where the majority of light was provided by torch and lantern. Even here before the Heaven’s Gate the group was stuck by the immediate juxtaposition. The party awaited eagerly as the line moved slowly.
  • At the top of Heaven’s Gate stood an silent yet intimidating figure, a judge of Oldar. Their information proved true, as the judge appeared to be wearing “Eyes of Oldar”, a magic detecting helm that had no eye slots for normal vision, but rather a solid face. Finally the adventurers made it to the front of the line where Asgrim first passed through the gate, though not after a line of questioning. It appeared that the topside guards worked with much more scrutiny than their Driftdown companions. Still Asgrim’s trained tongue waved and he was allowed to pass without too much incident. Sarien and Cyric had more trouble, and Asgrim had to aid them from beyond the gate, lying for them where they needed help. They too were allowed to pass. Taranath however, had little such luck. He raised enough suspicion of the guards that the judge was summoned from the ramparts. The judge was stern, harsh, and stoic as he drilled Taranath. The judge ordered Asgrim to hold his tongue when the dwarf tried to chime in, threatening to kick them off the topside if he did not comply. The judge ultimately allowed Taranath to pass, but not after asking him where their group planned to stay, (with Lady Aldepine) and informing them that he would be checking up on them personally. Meanwhile, Cahal flew on a lone mission to bring the cube to the Topside. Knowing the judge would be able to detect the artifact, the druid chose an unassuming bird-form and flew the cube to the top, and met the party a street down from the gate.
  • With a sigh of relief, the party had made it through the gate at last, and now strolled down the pearly streets of the Brineshell’s Topside. The opulence of the place was always present, as valuable wares were hocked on street corners by the classiest merchants in the Southern Kingdoms. The aristocracy toted flamboyant hats, wild colors, glittering jewelry, and a total ignorance of those toiling beneath them.
  • The party headed to the estate of Lady Aldepine Gantry, whom the party had saved days earlier. She had welcomed them to her house out of formality, though her invitation was clearly not intended to be seen through. A knock on her door brought a butler, who summoned Lady Aldepine. She was absolutely shocked to see her savior’s standing before her. Not only because she had likely figured them unworthy of Topside travel, but because they now wore foppish clothing to blend in with the Topside elite. After a moment of being taken aback, she welcomed them warmly, and ordered her servants to tend to their every need.
  • After several hours of relative rest, and a change of wardrobe (one must look their absolute finest for a solstice party), the group was ready for the event. Lirah wore the dress and mask of the Shadow Blade, and carried her invitation, while the rest of the group carried forged invitations copied from her own.
Creature Name CR XP # XP
A crash course in Topside mannerisms (Training) 6,000
Learning the results of “The Tickler’s” handiwork 2,000
Roleplay with the Master of the Waterworks: Madden Marblewright 6,000
We must remember our mission! (skip the bomb) 2,000
Calling in some long-standing favors (Tailor, Forger) 2,000
Passing through Heaven’s Gate 15,000
Infiltrating the Topside Party 2,000
Subtotal 35,000 / 6
Total 5,833xp



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