A Garden of War

Rider's to the East: Beliden's Rescue

Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


Orden, Colya, and Edra stand victorious in the ruins of a Church of Vehana.

The 1st Sword of Summer’s Descent, The Day of Longest Light

  • After the intense parlay with Jarl Ingmar, another rider approached the Rock of the Ancients. The group knew her immediately as Madeline the Merry, a bard of local renown who had joined their cause. She delivered a dire message to the party: Beliden has been captured! The rogue bravely held the bridge at Lassley, while his charges fled from a pursuing horde party. These were his last known whereabouts. Lassley was once a budding small town that stood about a half-day’s ride to the East, that too had been raised by the savage horde. If they hustled, they could be there in three.
  • Meanwhile, Bronn had already begun packing his horse for a ride west to seek Burgermeister, having fulfilled his obligation he’d promised Farius the day before. With the recent news, the party discussed possibilities and decided to split three-and-three. Orden, Colya, and Edra would ride East for Beliden, while Bronn, Hess, and Farius would ride west for Burgermeister and the only man who knew the whereabouts of Bren, Bronn’s daughter.
  • Zisk the Sixth approached the group, and offered her services to the Resistance. The Blackskull was displeased with this, and demanded a trade as collateral. Madeline gladly stepped up, and a deal was struck. Wanting to delay no further, the six heroes divided and rode in opposite directions; to victory or to ruin!

Orden, Edra, and Colya

  • It was the first hour of the afternoon when the party rode out to the east to save their friend, Edra, intimately familiar with the weather patterns in the area, noticed that a storm was brewing in the east. As the group continued their ride, a great storm grew before them, charging to the west off Brighton Bay and the Sea of Solitude beyond.
  • The group passed The Crossroads on their race east, Zisk broke off and made for the headquarters, where she would meet the party on their return. Though they yearned for a break on their ride, having been on horseback since daybreak, the party drove on. Colya had a hard time with the ride, fatigue gave way to exhaustion, and Orden had to treat her with divine power to regain her strength.
  • In the second hour of their ride the storm hit. Like charging into a wall of wind and rain, the group was pummeled by the gale. Lighting flashed, and thunder sounded overhead. A bolt of lightning stuck some ways down the road from them, with a tremendous clap to accompany it. After minutes the group made-out smoke rising in the direction they rode, and traveling on they eventually met it’s source. A massive oak tree stood aflame, its bulk split down the middle by lightning, in the middle of a glen to the side of the road. The rain had recently stopped and the sun returned, mists began to rise from the meadow. Something about the wreath of flames, the tree’s perfect placement in the meadow, lent to the ominous feeling the site brought. Asgirrithad is after all, the god of storms, lord of the winds of change. On the same hand, Vehana the Dawnflower is the goddess of fire, and today was her longest ride.
  • As Vehana’s ride reached its final hours, she dipped low enough in the sky to ride behind the rings, creating “Ring-glow”, shrouding the land in a deep red light. The group continued on from the tree and eventually came to the outskirts of Lassley. The once bustling town was naught but ruins, husks of buildings loomed in the growing dark, as mist rose from the streets. Several blocks into the town the party came to the bridge, the place at which Beliden had last been spotted. The group searched for clues. Signs of a struggle were obvious, there was blood everywhere, with dozens of footprints. Colya spotted several bodies downstream, floating but stuck along the shore. Edra tracks leaving the scene, and the party followed cautiously. After several more blocks of stealthy movements, the group came upon a ruined church. The Church of Vehana still stood, though much of it was ruined. A finger of smoke rose from within the sanctuary.
  • Colya used his invisibility spell to scout the scene, and recognized their enemies to be Bugbears; which the party had yet to meet. It was no surprise that Bugbears had joined the Gold Goblin’s ranks, being goblin-folk themselves, but the implications were anything but pleasant. Bugbears are considered among the most violent and sadistic of all goblinoids, and their looming seven-foot frames did nothing to dispel the fear. Colya reported back and the group made their plans.
  • Colya attacked from the side of the church, while Orden and Edra rushed through the front door. Bugbear brutes and rangers met the warriors, and a powerful fire-mage battled intensely with Colya, flinging fiery spells at each-other from opposed balconies in the sanctuary. Hands were removed from arms, bodies were burnt to crisps.
  • During the fight they had spotted Beliden at the altar, bound and bloodied. After the fight they moved to help the elf, who was within inches of his life. They had won the day against powerful enemies, and their friend was saved!
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Bugbear Cultist 7 3,200 3,200
Bugbear Flesh Glutton 8 4,800 1 4,800
Bugbear Ambusher 10 9,600 1 9,600
Bugbear Shadow Sneak 10 9,600 1 9,600
Bugbear Bloodmage 11 12,800 1 12,800
Subtotal 40,000 / 6
Total 6,666xp



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