A Garden of War

Riders to the West: Burgermeister's End

Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


The 1st Sword of Summer’s Descent, The Day of Longest Light

  • While Orden, Edra, and Colya prepared to ride east for their captured comrade Beliden, Bronn, Hess, and Farius saddled up to ride west for Burgermeister.
  • Hess caught up with Konah, son of Grima. The gunslinger owed the mother of this young warrior his life, and he wanted to make sure Konah was in good hands. While it was clear that he had found strength in numbers with Blackskull’s raiders, the Konah spoke with a bit of concern about Ingmar’s decision making. It had kept them alive so far, but he feared the Jarl may act brashly and put his men in jeopardy. Hearing this, Hess requested to send Konah to the resistance headquarters with Zisk and those riding east. They would reunite when the gunslinger had returned from the mission at hand.
  • From atop the Rock of the Ancients, Edra spoke a warning of an approaching storm coming from the east, blowing in off of Breaker’s Bay and the Sea of Solitude beyond. Both groups rode out at once, wishing to make as much ground as possible before hitting the storm.

Bronn, Hess, and Farius

  • The three slaver-hunters made haste down the hilly roads that wound up the cascades to the ancient barbarian meeting-place. For two more hours they pushed their horses, racing down the main roads, throwing caution to the wind. Eventually the trio reached the raised town of Redwater, and opted to find a way around the city rather than passing through it. Bronn was in the zone, and immediately found a game trail in the forest, and blazed on to the west, not even loosing time despite the thick foliage of the forest. As they came from the forest to meet the road once again, the exhaustion of their situation set in. Their horses were sweating and laboring, they knew they’d need to stop if they wanted their mounts healthy for the following day’s ride. Bronn found the group a shallow cave along a rock wall. He posted up within eye-site of the camp, and the road, not wanting to take a chance of missing Anson Danst riding in the opposite direction.
  • The storm hit in a wall of rain and wind; the dwarf let the raid wash over him as he contemplated the coming day. Should he capture Burgermeister, how far would he go to get the information he needed?
  • Day gave into night and the three decided to set up watches for the night. Hess took first watch, and made it through most if it without incident, but in the final hour of his watch around midnight, The gunslinger heard hoof-falls in the distance, but waited to wake his friends. He crept closer to the road and waited for the riders. Five horde soldiers, probably hobgoblins, hustled their horses east down the trade-road, riding opposite the party. Hess let them pass on, and the rest of the nights shifts went by uneventfully, despite Farius nodding off on his watch.

The 2nd Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • The trio rose early to meet the dawn, and rode out at once along the trade-road again. The road was muddy from the recent rains, and only the hobgoblins footprints from the previous night were fresh on the road. After miles of riding even those disappeared, having been washed away by the storm. Later, the trio passed a disfigured statue along the roadside, not even slowing down to examine it closer. Eventually the group neared The Breach, though the resistance didn’t have a lot of information on the town, it was supposedly raised like all the others, and was likely to be housing horde forces. Once again the group opted to move around the town rather than through it, and rode some five miles through hills and forest to eventually meet back with the road. Thanks to their tracking abilities, the group lost very little time on this detour.
  • After the day’s noon hour Farius took note of an interesting bird in the trees along the roadside. He recognized it at once as a Western Sparrowhawk, which weren’t native to this area in the slightest. In fact, as far as Farius knew they only lived in Old Gothrillad, specifically in The Skyrealm, which was on the opposite side of the world. It was very strange to see such a bird here. As soon as he moved to look closer, it flew away. Some ways down the road the bird appeared again, it seemed to be following them or watching them. As the group rounded a corner they came to an old robed man standing in the road, leaning on a yew staff. The suspicious bird flew down to his shoulder, and the party approached cautiously. Farius introduced himself, as the stranger did in kind, naming himself Gryff Willowfall. Farius and Bronn knew by his robes that he was a druid belonging to the Rootbound Brotherhood. The dwarf apologized for his hurry, but insisted that they had to ride on immediately, thus Old Gryff whistled his steed over, mounted up, and joined the riders and the resistance!
  • And so the four riders continued to the west, and when Gryff learned that they rode for Hope’s Return, he reported grim tidings. Apparently the castle was surrounded by a horde army. The horde hadn’t yet moved to attack the castle, but instead surrounded it, cutting off any escape for those beyond. It seemed as if the horde was waiting them out, a tactic very foreign to savage minds. Once again, a master tactician must be at hand.
  • Around the third hour of the afternoon, as the group neared their destination a sudden and shrill whistle came from the woods, and several figures stepped from the brush. Anson Danst stepped out from behind a tree, and greeted the party, particularly Bronn. He wasted no time, seeing the desperation in the dwarfs face, so he reported that he and his group had identified and located Burgermeister. An opportunity to take him covertly hadn’t presented itself yet, so Danst and his men awaited backup. The grizzled knight knew where Burgermeister would be found, and soon, so they headed in that direction. Danst also highlighted news of Hope’s Return and the siege, which further confirmed Old Gryff’s tale. Once close to his charge, Bronn dismissed Danst and his men, and sent Gryff along with them. They were loyal, and capable followers, but he didn’t trust any of them with his daughters life when it came down to it. He only trusted Farius and Hess now. And so the three entered a glen to confront the only man who possessed the one thing Bronn desired most in the entire world.
  • Burgermeister kept company with half-a-dozen armed goblins, a hobgoblin battle priest, and an orc witch-doctor. But most dangerous of them all was Blackjack himself, who’s skills with a rapier soon proved very nearly fatal. So dangerous was Burgermeister, that when their lives nearly drew to an end, Bronn himself dealt a viscous and fatal blow to the turn-coat slaver!
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Goblin Ambusher 4 1,200 7 8,400
Goblin Chief 9 6,400 1 6,400
Hobgoblin Battle-Priest 8 4,800 1 4,800
Orc Witch Doctor 8 4,800 1 4,800
Blackjack Burgermeister 12 19,200 1 19,200
Subtotal 43,600 / 6
Total 7,266xp


Burgermeister deserved worse.


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