A Garden of War

Stab first, ask questions later

Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


Brother Bronn casts Speak with the Dead on the remains of the frost giant emissary.

The 21tst Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Following the skirmish in the Serpent’s Pass, the last remaining cannibal that hadn’t been captured, fled. Edra and Hess followed in hot pursuit. They followed across narrow ledges, over bolders, swung across vines, and leaped over chasms, and the barbarian was incredible agile. Despite his efforts, the two resistance fighters eventually wrangled the barbarian and began dragging him back to the group.
  • Meanwhile Farius had set up his alchemist’s kit and was busy brewing something special. He stepped over to the other captured barbarian, the sorcerer whom they faced, and slit a small cut on his cheek, gathering a bit of his blood. He mixed this blood into a concoction. While Orden buried the dead, Farius and Colya interrogated the sorcerer. They made very serious threats to try to get him to speak, even threatening to pour Farius’s mixture down his throat. Eventually they pulled back, feeling there was some moral border they didn’t want to cross.
  • Edra and Hess returned with the other barbarian whom they also threatened. Farius detected the thoughts of their enemies, but seemed to only pick up on their pure hatred for the party, particularly anyone who is a colonist. Edra also pushed a moral limit before Bronn snapped her out of her rage. Despite it all, they did get some information from the barbarians.
  • If what they said could be believed, the Gold Goblin was offering Ferron’s Gauntlet to the tribes of the Silver Strand, and to further the horde’s alliances to include them. Edra spat at this, she would never give up her homeland to these savages, and it wasn’t the Gold Goblin’s land to give in the first place. The audacity! The party decided to keep the cannibals tied up and bring them back to headquarters with them for further questioning.
  • While they finished up their interrogations, Brother Bronn prepared a casting of speak with dead on the head of the frost giant emissary, and thought deeply on the few questions he would be able to ask. Orden aided in the task, and eventually the other party members came over for the casting. They discussed more what they should ask, and finally Bronn finished his spell, and the dead frost giantess opened her eyes once more, though they were rolled back in her head. Her mouth creaked open and gurgled. Bronn posed his questions.
  1. Where could the Gold Goblin be found? Hob’Gamor. she responded
  2. Where is Hob’Gamor? Men called it New Oathilliam.
  3. What is the Gold Goblin’s next move? The army marches North to Gothrillad on the new moon.
  4. Where is Blackjack Burgermeister I don’t know that name.
  • At that answer Bronn thoroughly pulverized the giant’s head, finally having to be pulled off by his companions.
  • It seemed for the time being the group had gathered all the information they could. They were absolutely exhausted, having ridden all day to the Crossroads, only to immediately ride back out for three more hours of hustled riding, then to fight the challenging combat they had just faced. They decided to set up watch and rest in the pass for the night before riding out to the headquarters.

The 21st Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • The night passed uneventfully, save for the briskly blowing winds that blew through the canyon, howling down the rocks with an eerie moan.
  • They group rode out, each one with a blonde survivor behind them. Travels for the day were also uneventful until the late afternoon when Bronn spotted carrion birds circling ahead. The group approached carefully to find the corpse of a frost giant that was missing it’s head! Orden examined the body closely. It had many wounds, but particularly he noticed the decapitation; such a stroke had to be made by someone very strong, and well trained with a blade, for the cut appeared to have been made in a single swipe.
  • Others searched the area looking for clues. They found tracks around the area that seemed to be those of barbarians, and also found a broken arrow that the natives in the group agreed was of barbarian make. Perhaps the resistance did have allies in the area, or at the very least, enemies of their enemies. The group deliberated on trying to follow the tracks but decided against it, desiring to return to the headquarters and drop off their quarry, and their charges.
  • The party traveled for several more hours to reach the headquarters in the ninth hour of the evening. The group entered the base and immediately noticed the mood to be somber in the place. They asked someone nearby and he reported that Izkrael had returned, but he had lost men on his trip, and survivors. It was the first time a refugee-run had proven fatal, though everyone knew the dangers going in. Izkrael wasn’t currently in the headquarters, but was nearby, and was asking not to be disturbed unless necessary. He said he could be found at Illyra’s fallen church in the city above.

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Chasing down the fleeing cannibal 6,000
Interrogating the captured barbarians 6,000
New Gamor has risen (frost giant speak with dead) 6,000
Carrion Birds ahead (investigating the giant’s remains) 2,000
Subtotal 20,000 / 6
Total 3,333xp



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