A Garden of War

The Battle of Hope's Return (Part II)

Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


_The Fifteenth Sword of Summer’s Descent; Daetheleor’s Day

  • The goblin army scattered like cowering dogs to the superiority of the resistance forces. Their frost giant slain, and juggernaut bettle juiced, the goblin forces morale had been crushed. All but Putrix the Goblin Lord and his most loyal subjects remained on the field to face their enemies – the resistance officers. While Claymore and his men cleared the remaining threats from the field, the party faced the Gold Goblin’s general. It was soon obvious why the Gold Goblin had assigned Putrix such a title, the goblin king fought with a ferocity and indomitably that could come from contact with Ringfall. Putrix was a Chosen One, touched by Ringfall, blessed by Asgirrathad. But even with his mythic abilities Putrix was but one warrior against a party of stout heroes. He fell, and with him the first of the Gold Goblin’s commanders had been slain!
  • Before the smoke of battle had settled, Claymore approached and thanked the heroes. His appreciation soon turned to judgement, as Orden announced Edra and her true heritage. And so a violent debate ensued in which Claymore defended his decisions and leadership of the Church of Daetheleor in the colonies, and his fervent pursuit of Ferron’s “Oath against Savagery”, now known to be false. Claymore ultimately admitting to pushing a false agenda, defending himself by claiming that Ferron had fallen under a witches spell. But Edra and the heroes knew Ferron had only fallen in love, and his love lead him to seek peace with the natives, not war. The suffering of Edra’s people fell largely on this man’s sword, and he still defended his murderous ways.
  • And so Bishop Claymore was revealed to be unredeemable; a mad zealot who has twisted the word of the church of Daetheleor into corruption for many years. The tone of his execution following the victorious battle was grim and somber.
  • Their bloody deed done, the heroes bolstered their armies morale, for they had just won a great battle! They would tally their dead that night at 100 brave men and women, though they were bolstered by Claymore’s 200, with a net of 100 swords gained (mostly Knights of Daetheleor). That night they would celebrate as none in the colonies had caroused in the months since the horde’s rise. Even love found a way to bloom in the heat of the moment, with Edra getting intimate with a young and strong barbarian screamer, and Farius bonding with Dame Emiline under starlight.
  • Interrogations of captured goblins revealed that the horde planned to march north come the new moon, now half-a-moon away. The heroes knew they had no time to loose with a march back to their headquarters still ahead of them.

The Sixteenth Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • In the dark of the early morning the resistance army and their new charges rose from their slumber, gathered their things, and stood in attendance for the burning of Hope’s Return. The heroes chose to raise the castle rather than see it taken and used against them by the Gold Goblin. So they gathered their dead and carefully lined them along the walls, piling sticks and flammables at their feet. Dame Emeline, defender of Daetheleor would light the pyres that would burn her church to the ground. The mood was once again somber as the triumphant army watched Hope’s Return and the promise it once stood for, burn to ashes.
  • For four days their bolstered army marched back toward The Crossroads and their secret hide-out, now daring to take more open roads since their immediate threat had been addressed.

The Twentieth Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • As the resistance army crested the final hill that would afford them a view of the ruins of The Crossroads, they looked on with dread to see that the Gold Goblin’s army was already marching! While the main host – perhaps some 50,000 strong marched west toward Hope’s Return, a huge contingent numbering in the thousands had broken off and were marching directly toward The Crossroads, and presumably, the resistance headquarters where many innocent’s still hid in wait to be ranged over the mountains. Quickly orders were given to all of the resistance forces and their trusted leadership to make for the pass over the cascades immediately. The officers would ride alone into the fray to rescue those who’d remained at the headquarters in hopes they could evacuate and buy time for their fleeing force.
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Goblin Stickylords 6 2,400 3 7,200
Lord Putrix: Goblin General 14 38,400 1 38,400
Paladin of Daetheleor 9 6,400 1 6,400
Sacred Sorcerer 9 6,400 1 6,400
Bishop Thadeus Claymore 13 19,200 1 19,200
Subtotal 77,600 / 6
Total 12,933xp



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