A Garden of War

The Lost City of Gamor

Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


“The architecture is from another time all together, it’s ancient beyond knowledge” -Bronn

The 14th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Following the defeat of the goblin convoy, the party searched their persons and cargoes, and checked on the survivors at the back of the train. They all were in good enough health to make it back, so the survivors piled onto the carts, some took the reins, and with Hess at the head of the wagons, rode their spoils back to the hideout.
  • The group was greeted with the cheers of resistance fighters who awaited their return. Colya and Farius also greeted the group. Colya immediately recognized one of the rescued survivors, although he looked far different than Colya had ever seen him. She walked up to him and asked his name, Master Thadeus. His eyes turned bright and he smiled and embraced Colya. It was indeed Thadeus the Loremaster of Darthon. Colya asked him what happened at the school, and so he explained.
  • The City of Darthon was overrun so quickly that no one had time to prepare, the same story that everyone tells. Of course the school housed some of the most powerful wizards in the colonies. Those wizards did bring their power to bare against the might of the savage horde, but the horde pushed back. Like a tide that would not break, the horde came on through the night until their spells were spent. When they finally penetrated the schools defenses it fell quickly. Thadeus did everything he could to escape with his life. He saw faculty and students being slain, but many too he saw being captured. The horde put the school to flame but they saved the books. Whatever the horde was after, they sought knowledge in their fight.
  • Thadeus lamented the Archmage’s absence, if she were here they may have been able to stop the horde. He also suspected the Archmage’s absence could be tied to the uprising. Archmage Eyzenore disappeared three seasons ago, and the year at school had been dark and ominous since.
  • Thadeus then explained an encounter he had with Eyzenore two winters ago, when he had found what he believed to be the Lost City of Gamor. He was exhilarated with his find until also finding his further passage into the city blocked by an incredibly powerful arcane lock. When Thadeus brought this up to Eyzenore, she firmly ordered him never to return there, stating “Some secrets are left better uncovered, some knowledge ungained”. Thadeus suspected that the Archmage had been taken by the horde long before their attack. If they had broken Eyzenore’s mind, her knowledge could be used against the world in terrible ways. Together he and Colya supposed that they could learn a great deal from traveling to this Lost City to see if the Archmage’s lock remained in tact. Lastly, Colya cast share memory on the loremaster to see where the entrance to the Lost City was hidden.
  • In typical Bronn fashion, he immediately took to questioning the newly rescued survivors about the fate of Anchorfall. He was in luck to find that one of the survivors was indeed from the port city. Borris was a cobbler in Anchorfall, his shop was burned along with his belongings while he fled the city. Borris did have some lead on the prison, for he had seen it burning as he left the city. As he snuck through the streets to flee, he witnessed horde brutes capturing and even converting convicts to their fight. He supposed that if Burgermeister had been in the prison when it fell, if he is alive, there’s a good chance that he is now a mercenary of the savage horde. Bronn finally had a descent lead, albeit based on reasonable speculation.
  • The officers deliberated chose to make the two day ride to the Lost City, which Thadeus could give them directions to. Orden would stay behind to see oversee operations with Beliden while the rest of the officers went to investigate. First they would rest, and head out the next morning.

The 17th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Upon nearing the location of the Lost City, Colya recalled the area and realized the loremaster’s memory was overlapping her experience in what felt like prolonged deja vu. Thus Colya was able to lead the party to a massive crack in the mountainside, where his vision ended. Here the party shimmied down the base of a steep crevase, traveling hundreds of feet into the mountain.
  • At last they came to a passageway in the cliff-face, a perfectly cut passage, ten feet square and hundreds of feet long, descending into darkness. Bronn and Colya knew it could have only been cut with magic. Above the passage were inert runes carved into the stone. They had found the Archmage’s door, and it had been unlocked!
  • The heroes made their way though the darkness, eventually emptying into a massive cave. Miles of ruined city stretched out before them, buildings toppled over and crushed by the mountains that stood above them. The party struggled to cross a large chasm, but eventually made it to the far side where only Farius’s pride damaged.
  • The party ascended a flight of steps into a large domed structure. At the middle, stood a stone sarcophagus. There was a likeness carved into the face of the sarcophagus, that of an orc king, complete with crown. Above them, a mosaic wrapped around the entirety of the round ceiling. The imagery seemed to be depicting an ancient orcish conquest, marching an army across the world to destroy a great human kingdom and steal their king’s crown. The party had stumbled upon the mausoleum of the First Orc-King Kul.
  • The heroes cast beneficial spells on themselves before finally pushing the cap off of the massive sarcophagus revealing… AN EMPTY CASKET! It appeared the orc-king’s resting place had been raided, and neither treasure nor remains were left behind.
  • From behind the party heard a voice, which Farius and Colya recognized to be speaking in a very broken Draconic. They turned to see a troglodyte hanging from a building-side. “RUN, SHE COMES, YOU EATEN!” was all they could make out. The trog then bolted from the scene, convinced that something was coming to kill them all.
  • From the depths of the mountain came a crescendo of tapping, at first nearly silent but soon thundering, as a collosal Titan Centipede climbed from the chasm, flanked by a pack of smaller, man-sized multi-legged insects. Edra felt a power she had only felt once before, when she faced off against a ringfall touched dire mountain leopard in her youth. Such a creature was terrifying enough without being touched by the gods, this one was truly dreadful.
  • Despite landing massive poisonous blows on the party, the mythical defenses of the titan centipede couldn’t stand up to the party’s full force, and they downed the beast in half-a-minute!

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
“The door was unlocked…” 2,000
“…but the bridge wasn’t lowered.” 1,000
Whiptail Centipedes 3 600 4 2,400
Mythic Invincible Titan Centipede (MR2) 11 12,800 1 12,800
Subtotal 18,200 / 6
Total 3,033xp



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