A Garden of War

The Marshall on the Mountain

Campaign: A Garden of War


Olenjack and his fifty thieves ambush the party along the mountain road to Belurn

The First Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • Having broken through the fortified keep at the end of a wild chase through the mountain passes, our party finally shook the pursuing knights that had chased them from The Brineshell. Their carriage continued to race north along their path, but with the fight over and the adrenaline lost, a great weariness began to overtake the party. They realized they hadn’t slept since their stay in Don Carza’s estate in the Driftdowns two days ago. They’d squeezed information from a Syndicate informant, snuck through Heaven’s Gate, infiltrated a topside party where they battled topiary beasts and syndicate spies, found Rohmanar and revealed the cube to him, fled to the castle, stayed up all knight as the loremaster answered every question he could, then sent them on the wild chase that began on the topside, ended the lives of judges and skyknights, and only now just concluded. It had been an exhausting and exhilarating 48 hours!
  • Knowing they desperately needed rest, Cahal suggested they call upon one of his old friends who was said to have retired to a cabin in the woods not far from their current location. The party agreed and they made their way up switchbacks and steep grades to find the marshall on the mountain.
  • In a quaint cabin tucked into a shadowy wood sat Marshall Alton Thorne’s cabin, all his worldly possessions, and everything the old misanthrope needed or cared to keep anymore. Life was simple in retirement. That was all about to change. Cahal burst through the shutters in bird-form before becoming himself and asking Thorne for a place to stay for his companions. The old lawman wasn’t happy about it, but he supposed he owed the druid for the allegiance they shared with the Rootbound Brotherhood.
  • The rest of the group made their way to the marshall’s cabin slowly trudging up the narrow path and leaving their carriage behind. Once everyone was in the cabin, Cahal would beseech Thorne to help the group further in their cause, to help them transport a dangerous object. They showed the cube to Thorne and explained it’s wicked purpose.
  • Still, the party fumbled through explanations, ultimately revealing that they were being pursued by the kings men in association with a host of “false charges” that had been raised against them. Not just that, but the party had battled and killed two Judges of Oldar, and a Skyknight. The group sounded more guilty with each fumbling justification.
  • Ultimately the marshall, a wise and discerning man, understood their predicament. He supposed the threat this artifact posed to the realm was greater than any qualms these adventurers might have with law enforcement. And so Alton Thorne vowed to help the party, to see their quest through. The marshall whistled his wolf-hound to his side and picked up his badge, he had preparations to make.
  • While the marshall worked to prepare for the journey, the rest of the party slept hard after their many battles. Late in the evening they were all awakened by hellish nightmares that seemed to originate from the cube; visions of murdered allies, home trees burning down, drowning in ethereal sap and worse. They woke simultaneously in a cold sweat, shaken be the visions the artifact had imparted on them.
  • It was time to move anyway, the group had decided to move at night to avoid detection. They made their way to the carriage, packed their things, and headed off down the mountain and away from Thorne’s simple life.
  • While traveling along the road north near midnight Ilrune received a vision, though it lacked any auditory information. The oracle saw many figures standing upon a massive rock. Two groups seemed to be meeting and striking a deal as the lead figures, one barbarian a woman of stature, the other a savage wearing a blackened skull for a mask. Surrounding them were barbarians, militia, and a group of grizzled warriors; a gunslinger, a greybearded knight, a priest of calune, a wild sorceress, and more. With the leader’s handshake came a an apparent cheer from the crowd and a chant was started among the militiamen, their lips reading “QUEEN, QUEEN, QUEEN!” As the illusory sun beat down on the barbarian woman, a crown of light seemed to shine above her short cropped head of golden hair. With that the vision ended. Ilrune told the group what he saw, though they weren’t entirely sure what to make of it.

The 2nd Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • In the earliest hours of the morning our heroes encountered a traveling minstrel along the the moonlit road. “Baldrick Bladesong” he called himself. The conversation was mostly mundane. The party inquired of happenings in Belurn, or further. Baldrick told them the area had been normal, but the earliest rumors had begun trickling in from the colonies that they had been overrun by a savage horde – “orcs and goblins and other such nasties bandin’ together is a grim tiding no doubt”.
  • By noon the party was nearly half-way between The Brineshell and Belurn when they were suddenly ambushed and surrounded by a small army of men. One stepped out on a nearby ledge introducing himself and his entourage as “Olenjack and the Fifty Thieves… fifty one if you count the fire-drake.” There was indeed a fire-drake in the bandit-kings employ; and at his order all fifty-one descended upon our heroes and were subsequently scattered like leaves on the bay below. Olenjack was foiled by a single spell from Sarien’s book, a devouring pit. Olenjack was spit up a few minutes later, beaten, bloodied and humiliated by the hungering spell. His army scattered, the heroes figured he posed little more threat and let him live, carrying on their way north to Belurn.
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Roleplay: Marhsall Thorne’s Intro 10,000
Olenjack 12 1 19,200
The Fifty Theives 4 1,200 50 60,000
Subtotal 89,200 / 7
Total 12,742xp



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