A Garden of War

Trouble on the Topside

Campaign: A Garden of War


The 30th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • An hour before the midnight toast, the party arrives at the Ferini estate, location of the solstice party the Shadow Blade had planed to attend.
  • Though the groups names weren’t on the guest list, Lirah’s was. While she talked to the doorman attempting to convince him to allow her friends in, a servant of the estate walked up in recognition of her, whispered in the doorman’s ear, and the group was allowed to enter. Obviously this servant believed her to be the Shadow Blade, as she had presented her invitation, and wore her garb.
  • After a brief mingling, that same servant walked behind Lirah, whispering to her that “everything is in place, we await your command”. Lirah simply nodded, not entirely knowing what the plan was, but not wanting to alert them to her true identity.
  • Sarien performed magic tricks for party goers, and Asgrim wove tales of heroism. With their outlandish dress and learned mannerisms, they seemed to fit in well. Where they didn’t fit in, they stood out and embraced it, telling of foreign lands and far off lords and barons.
  • As the time approached, the gathering moved through the estate to the rear grounds, where an impressive private pool poured into the lake at the center of the Topside. The border of the lake had hundreds of such garrish estates, many of which holding similar parties. The grounds were decorated with incredibly carved topiary creatures.
  • Passing to the back yard Lirah was struck with a feeling of familiarity. She has been in this estate before. She knew it once it was the house from her childhood. Could it be that the lord of the house was still the same man from those years ago? The one who killed her mother.
  • Just as Rohmanar the Loremaster gave his toast, Cahal recognized the gardener tending to the topiaries; it was the same gardener from Don Carza’s estate. He must have been a syndicate spy! At the same time, Lirah recognized her mothers murderer; Lord Ferini with the telltale tattoo on his back being visible as he swam in the pool.
  • Suddenly screams erupted from the pool, as the water from the fountain turned a caustic green. It appeared that the fountains now pumped acid instead of water. Beyond the walls of the estate, other citizens screamed as the acid burned anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact with it.
  • Around the yard, syndicate thugs dressed as servants sprang into action, attacking the house guards. The topiary beasts animated and began mauling party goers. Lord Ferini, burned from the acid, ran from the pool and into Lirah’s blade. She finally had her revenge, and she whispered her hatred into his ear as he bled out at the poolside. The rest of the party fought to fend off topiary tigers and syndicate spies, eventually ending the fight on top.
  • Cahal moved to Rohmanar and tried to insist that they needed to leave immediately. After the loremaster insisted in an explanation several times, Cahal reached into his bag and carefully showed Rohmanar the Cube. The loremaster’s face went white, then he sprang into action. Rohmanar asked the party to follow him from the estate. They made haste around the city then eventually across the dyke to the castle at the city’s center. The Royal loremaster had no problem getting the party inside of the castle grounds, and he quickly ushered them deep under the keep, where his library awaited.
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Alchemical Gardener 6 2,400 1 2,400
Firebreather 6 2,400 6 2,400
Syndicate soldiers 6 2,400 6 14,400
Topiary Creations 8 4,800 8 38,400
Putting to rest, the ghosts of the past (Lirah’s Revenge) 10,000
Subtotal 67,600 / 6
Total 11,266xp



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