A Garden of War

Uncovering the Shadow Blade's Brood

Campaign: A Garden of War


The 27th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • With the fight over, the group captured several Syndicate thugs who had surrendered. Lirah arrived not a moment too soon, and began to take charge of the scene. She would deliver these two thugs to Don Carza but first she needed to search the room.
  • Searching, she found many things that interested her, but none more than a letter written in a hidden arcane ink, that seemed to reveal the Shadow Blade’s identity, as well as her intentions in The Brineshell. The letter went as follows:

Dearest Belinda,

Summer’s Descent… what bittersweet promise. The solstice of summer has been a cursed day to our kin for ages. yet three day’s hence, when Vehana takes her slowest ride across the sky, we shall change the was we think of it. For even the Day of Longest Light must end with the coming of the night… and what a glorious night it shall be! The pieces are in place, the trap has been set, but the mice have yet to gather and spring it!

I managed an invitation to the big event, it will be a masquerade, sister! I know you wouldn’t approve of my going but I simply cannot miss the opportunity to play dress0up, and I would be so delighted to see The Brineshell royalty suffer. The “Downer’s” surely live up to their name, but the elites above have proven utterly revolting. While they revel in their opulence, I rejoice in knowing their misery will soon be at hand.

Truthfully… though I greatly anticipate the solstice, it pales to my longing for our reunion. I miss you and Geneva so very much. Alas, that day too will come soon, and I hope to hand you the throne to a kingdom as a homecoming gift.

Your loving sister, Isabel

  • Lirah recognized the name Belinda none other than the leader of The Shadow Syndicate! This seemed to suggest that the Shadow Blade was Belinda’s sister, Isabel, and that the Shadow Syndicate was being led by a brood of vampires. Further, that would mean the party had just slain the sister of one of the most powerful figures in the Southern Kingdoms.
  • Along with the letter, Lirah found an invitation for the solstice party mentioned therein, and found a costume and elaborate mask in a wardrobe. This must have been the costume Isabel intended to wear to the masquerade.
  • Three hostages hung by ropes tied to stalagmites at the back of the room. One, a man in robes (who was identified as an acolyte of Litoraleis) had been bitten during the combat, and appeared dead. Not to be swayed, Cyric took off his head in an instant, knowing that this acolyte would be likely to rise as a vampire spawn in some time. One of the other hostages awoke just before the beheading, and promptly fainted from the sight. She was dressed in elaborate and flamboyant clothing, clearly a Topsider. The sleeping woman was brought aside and made comfortable and was gently awakened. She was frightened and couldn’t remember how she had got there. She named herself Lady Aldepine Gantry and she was indeed an aristocrat from the Topside. The third hostage was a middle-aged man, badly beaten so that even if the party knew him they wouldn’t be likely to recognize. Through busted lips the man thanked the party, and introduced himself as Shanks Guffy, the captain of Starsail.
  • The two living hostages were escorted back to The Driftdowns by Asgrimm and Lirah; Shanks was helped to Starsail, which was docked on the southern Central Piers, and Lady Aldepine was led to The Heart and to the help of the Lift Guard. Both promised help to the party should they cross paths again, Shanks offering his ship and crew for transport, and the lady offering her hospitality at her estate on the Topside, though it was clear she didn’t believe she’d meet the group again.
  • Meanwhile at the hideout, the remaining party members searched the room to find several magical items, a chest of coins, and an assortment of living amenities. Most importantly, they opened the caskets of the vampire triad and promptly removed their heads.
  • The party gathered at the cave, and escorting the two remaining Syndicate thugs, they made their way back to the Carza Estate. The Don received them in his gallery and was pleased to have someone to send to his interrogator, The Tickler. Yet as pleased as he was in that, he was ecstatic to learn that the Shadow Blade had been caught and slain. The Don offered any and all help he could give in helping the party reach the topside in their quest. The group decided they would like to stay at the Carza Estate for their next three nights, for if they were to reach the Topside and foil the Syndicate plot, they would require constant training from Lirah, famed courtesan of the Don’s court.
  • The party had last stayed at the Siren’s Call, so they returned to the dwarf-operated tavern to retrieve their belongings and to check out of the room. As soon as the party entered the feast-hall, Snowi the lady-dwarf bartender approached Asgrim and asked to speak with them in private, seeming clearly unnerved. In a back room of the bar, Snowi explained that a mysterious man had come calling for the party. He had a kind face, and simple garb, though walked with an impressive looking staff, and wore a huge rat across his shoulders. The man seemed to be feigning friendliness with the dwarf in his questionings, and didn’t care much for her refusing him information. Finally the man had stormed off, not but an hour before now, the party’s arrival.
  • The party knew immediately who this man must be. It seemed Denegroth the Dread, original possessor of the cube and inciter the Great Goblin War hadn’t forgotten about the group, or the artifact he had sworn to retrieve from them “on his terms”.

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Discovering the hidden letter 4,000
Solstice party plot revealed, invitation confiscated 3,000
Careful handling of the hostages 3,000
Delivery to the Don and The Tickler 5,000
Denegroth Returns! 4,000
Subtotal 19,000 / 6
Total 3,166xp



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