Ern, Mayor Clinny "Faintheart"


As nicknames go, Mayor Ern wasn’t always known as “Faintheart”. Some names are granted, some are self-assigned, and others, both good and bad, are earned. Such was the case with Clinny Ern, the once mayor of Tinser Point. Yet when the village came under siege by hill giants, and their militia stood ready to fight, it was Mayor Ern who’d turned heel and fled the town never looking back. Such abandonment wouldn’t have been so bad, had it not been for the mayors tales of battles he’d taken part in. His bravery it seemed, was a product of an overactive imagination, and a yearning for acceptance.

Face scarred by pox, and haunted by that fateful day in Tinser Point, Clinny now resides in Bancroft as the purveyor of the White Terragon, the cities primary inn and refuge.


Ern, Mayor Clinny "Faintheart"

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