Danst, Sir Anson

Paladin, and self-proclaimed overlord of Tinser Point.


Following the first Hill Giant assault on Tinser Point and its subsequent abandonment by it’s previous elected official Mayor Clinny “Faintheart” Ern, Lord Danst proclaimed himself leader of the tormented village. Adorned in shining full-plate mail, locals have nicknamed him “The Cleanly” due to the armors almost supernatural shine. Anson keeps all of his possessions obsessively clean, and looks down on those who do not. Along with the gleam of his battle regalia, his hair radiates a golden shine, which some suspect may be altered artificially.

Though he tends to look down on “lesser” folk, and can often come off as offensive and patronizing, there is no denying the knights bravery and service to protecting the people of Tinser Point.


Danst, Sir Anson

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