A Garden of War

Riders to the West: Burgermeister's End
Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


The 1st Sword of Summer’s Descent, The Day of Longest Light

  • While Orden, Edra, and Colya prepared to ride east for their captured comrade Beliden, Bronn, Hess, and Farius saddled up to ride west for Burgermeister.
  • Hess caught up with Konah, son of Grima. The gunslinger owed the mother of this young warrior his life, and he wanted to make sure Konah was in good hands. While it was clear that he had found strength in numbers with Blackskull’s raiders, the Konah spoke with a bit of concern about Ingmar’s decision making. It had kept them alive so far, but he feared the Jarl may act brashly and put his men in jeopardy. Hearing this, Hess requested to send Konah to the resistance headquarters with Zisk and those riding east. They would reunite when the gunslinger had returned from the mission at hand.
  • From atop the Rock of the Ancients, Edra spoke a warning of an approaching storm coming from the east, blowing in off of Breaker’s Bay and the Sea of Solitude beyond. Both groups rode out at once, wishing to make as much ground as possible before hitting the storm.

Bronn, Hess, and Farius

  • The three slaver-hunters made haste down the hilly roads that wound up the cascades to the ancient barbarian meeting-place. For two more hours they pushed their horses, racing down the main roads, throwing caution to the wind. Eventually the trio reached the raised town of Redwater, and opted to find a way around the city rather than passing through it. Bronn was in the zone, and immediately found a game trail in the forest, and blazed on to the west, not even loosing time despite the thick foliage of the forest. As they came from the forest to meet the road once again, the exhaustion of their situation set in. Their horses were sweating and laboring, they knew they’d need to stop if they wanted their mounts healthy for the following day’s ride. Bronn found the group a shallow cave along a rock wall. He posted up within eye-site of the camp, and the road, not wanting to take a chance of missing Anson Danst riding in the opposite direction.
  • The storm hit in a wall of rain and wind; the dwarf let the raid wash over him as he contemplated the coming day. Should he capture Burgermeister, how far would he go to get the information he needed?
  • Day gave into night and the three decided to set up watches for the night. Hess took first watch, and made it through most if it without incident, but in the final hour of his watch around midnight, The gunslinger heard hoof-falls in the distance, but waited to wake his friends. He crept closer to the road and waited for the riders. Five horde soldiers, probably hobgoblins, hustled their horses east down the trade-road, riding opposite the party. Hess let them pass on, and the rest of the nights shifts went by uneventfully, despite Farius nodding off on his watch.

The 2nd Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • The trio rose early to meet the dawn, and rode out at once along the trade-road again. The road was muddy from the recent rains, and only the hobgoblins footprints from the previous night were fresh on the road. After miles of riding even those disappeared, having been washed away by the storm. Later, the trio passed a disfigured statue along the roadside, not even slowing down to examine it closer. Eventually the group neared The Breach, though the resistance didn’t have a lot of information on the town, it was supposedly raised like all the others, and was likely to be housing horde forces. Once again the group opted to move around the town rather than through it, and rode some five miles through hills and forest to eventually meet back with the road. Thanks to their tracking abilities, the group lost very little time on this detour.
  • After the day’s noon hour Farius took note of an interesting bird in the trees along the roadside. He recognized it at once as a Western Sparrowhawk, which weren’t native to this area in the slightest. In fact, as far as Farius knew they only lived in Old Gothrillad, specifically in The Skyrealm, which was on the opposite side of the world. It was very strange to see such a bird here. As soon as he moved to look closer, it flew away. Some ways down the road the bird appeared again, it seemed to be following them or watching them. As the group rounded a corner they came to an old robed man standing in the road, leaning on a yew staff. The suspicious bird flew down to his shoulder, and the party approached cautiously. Farius introduced himself, as the stranger did in kind, naming himself Gryff Willowfall. Farius and Bronn knew by his robes that he was a druid belonging to the Rootbound Brotherhood. The dwarf apologized for his hurry, but insisted that they had to ride on immediately, thus Old Gryff whistled his steed over, mounted up, and joined the riders and the resistance!
  • And so the four riders continued to the west, and when Gryff learned that they rode for Hope’s Return, he reported grim tidings. Apparently the castle was surrounded by a horde army. The horde hadn’t yet moved to attack the castle, but instead surrounded it, cutting off any escape for those beyond. It seemed as if the horde was waiting them out, a tactic very foreign to savage minds. Once again, a master tactician must be at hand.
  • Around the third hour of the afternoon, as the group neared their destination a sudden and shrill whistle came from the woods, and several figures stepped from the brush. Anson Danst stepped out from behind a tree, and greeted the party, particularly Bronn. He wasted no time, seeing the desperation in the dwarfs face, so he reported that he and his group had identified and located Burgermeister. An opportunity to take him covertly hadn’t presented itself yet, so Danst and his men awaited backup. The grizzled knight knew where Burgermeister would be found, and soon, so they headed in that direction. Danst also highlighted news of Hope’s Return and the siege, which further confirmed Old Gryff’s tale. Once close to his charge, Bronn dismissed Danst and his men, and sent Gryff along with them. They were loyal, and capable followers, but he didn’t trust any of them with his daughters life when it came down to it. He only trusted Farius and Hess now. And so the three entered a glen to confront the only man who possessed the one thing Bronn desired most in the entire world.
  • Burgermeister kept company with half-a-dozen armed goblins, a hobgoblin battle priest, and an orc witch-doctor. But most dangerous of them all was Blackjack himself, who’s skills with a rapier soon proved very nearly fatal. So dangerous was Burgermeister, that when their lives nearly drew to an end, Bronn himself dealt a viscous and fatal blow to the turn-coat slaver!
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Goblin Ambusher 4 1,200 7 8,400
Goblin Chief 9 6,400 1 6,400
Hobgoblin Battle-Priest 8 4,800 1 4,800
Orc Witch Doctor 8 4,800 1 4,800
Blackjack Burgermeister 12 19,200 1 19,200
Subtotal 43,600 / 6
Total 7,266xp
Rider's to the East: Beliden's Rescue
Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


Orden, Colya, and Edra stand victorious in the ruins of a Church of Vehana.

The 1st Sword of Summer’s Descent, The Day of Longest Light

  • After the intense parlay with Jarl Ingmar, another rider approached the Rock of the Ancients. The group knew her immediately as Madeline the Merry, a bard of local renown who had joined their cause. She delivered a dire message to the party: Beliden has been captured! The rogue bravely held the bridge at Lassley, while his charges fled from a pursuing horde party. These were his last known whereabouts. Lassley was once a budding small town that stood about a half-day’s ride to the East, that too had been raised by the savage horde. If they hustled, they could be there in three.
  • Meanwhile, Bronn had already begun packing his horse for a ride west to seek Burgermeister, having fulfilled his obligation he’d promised Farius the day before. With the recent news, the party discussed possibilities and decided to split three-and-three. Orden, Colya, and Edra would ride East for Beliden, while Bronn, Hess, and Farius would ride west for Burgermeister and the only man who knew the whereabouts of Bren, Bronn’s daughter.
  • Zisk the Sixth approached the group, and offered her services to the Resistance. The Blackskull was displeased with this, and demanded a trade as collateral. Madeline gladly stepped up, and a deal was struck. Wanting to delay no further, the six heroes divided and rode in opposite directions; to victory or to ruin!

Orden, Edra, and Colya

  • It was the first hour of the afternoon when the party rode out to the east to save their friend, Edra, intimately familiar with the weather patterns in the area, noticed that a storm was brewing in the east. As the group continued their ride, a great storm grew before them, charging to the west off Brighton Bay and the Sea of Solitude beyond.
  • The group passed The Crossroads on their race east, Zisk broke off and made for the headquarters, where she would meet the party on their return. Though they yearned for a break on their ride, having been on horseback since daybreak, the party drove on. Colya had a hard time with the ride, fatigue gave way to exhaustion, and Orden had to treat her with divine power to regain her strength.
  • In the second hour of their ride the storm hit. Like charging into a wall of wind and rain, the group was pummeled by the gale. Lighting flashed, and thunder sounded overhead. A bolt of lightning stuck some ways down the road from them, with a tremendous clap to accompany it. After minutes the group made-out smoke rising in the direction they rode, and traveling on they eventually met it’s source. A massive oak tree stood aflame, its bulk split down the middle by lightning, in the middle of a glen to the side of the road. The rain had recently stopped and the sun returned, mists began to rise from the meadow. Something about the wreath of flames, the tree’s perfect placement in the meadow, lent to the ominous feeling the site brought. Asgirrithad is after all, the god of storms, lord of the winds of change. On the same hand, Vehana the Dawnflower is the goddess of fire, and today was her longest ride.
  • As Vehana’s ride reached its final hours, she dipped low enough in the sky to ride behind the rings, creating “Ring-glow”, shrouding the land in a deep red light. The group continued on from the tree and eventually came to the outskirts of Lassley. The once bustling town was naught but ruins, husks of buildings loomed in the growing dark, as mist rose from the streets. Several blocks into the town the party came to the bridge, the place at which Beliden had last been spotted. The group searched for clues. Signs of a struggle were obvious, there was blood everywhere, with dozens of footprints. Colya spotted several bodies downstream, floating but stuck along the shore. Edra tracks leaving the scene, and the party followed cautiously. After several more blocks of stealthy movements, the group came upon a ruined church. The Church of Vehana still stood, though much of it was ruined. A finger of smoke rose from within the sanctuary.
  • Colya used his invisibility spell to scout the scene, and recognized their enemies to be Bugbears; which the party had yet to meet. It was no surprise that Bugbears had joined the Gold Goblin’s ranks, being goblin-folk themselves, but the implications were anything but pleasant. Bugbears are considered among the most violent and sadistic of all goblinoids, and their looming seven-foot frames did nothing to dispel the fear. Colya reported back and the group made their plans.
  • Colya attacked from the side of the church, while Orden and Edra rushed through the front door. Bugbear brutes and rangers met the warriors, and a powerful fire-mage battled intensely with Colya, flinging fiery spells at each-other from opposed balconies in the sanctuary. Hands were removed from arms, bodies were burnt to crisps.
  • During the fight they had spotted Beliden at the altar, bound and bloodied. After the fight they moved to help the elf, who was within inches of his life. They had won the day against powerful enemies, and their friend was saved!
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Bugbear Cultist 7 3,200 3,200
Bugbear Flesh Glutton 8 4,800 1 4,800
Bugbear Ambusher 10 9,600 1 9,600
Bugbear Shadow Sneak 10 9,600 1 9,600
Bugbear Bloodmage 11 12,800 1 12,800
Subtotal 40,000 / 6
Total 6,666xp
A Queen Emerges
Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


The heroes engage in a heated parlay with The Blackskull over their potential allegiance.

The 21st Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Having returned from their ride triumphant, the heroes of the resistance went their separate ways once reaching the headquarters, seeing to various tasks. Orden and Farius decided to make their way back up to the city above, where Izkrael was to be waiting. They found the ranger in the steeple of the fallen Church of Illyra. His mood was somber as he explained what happened. He and his men were attacked by gnolls while entering the Steppes of Ivoria. They were on their trek through the Valley of the Bahukbala (river) when they struck. The gnolls came out of the night, ravenous and mad with bloodlust. Though Iz and his men finally defeated the beasts, it didn’t come without heavy lost. The resistance lost ten brave fighters that day, and twice that many innocent lives were taken. Orden comforted his old friend, as he and Farius inquired more about the gnolls.
  • Iz dragged his injured party for miles through the valley before finally arriving at the meeting-place, where Qupodo awaited. The tribal warrior reported the the gnolls seem to have risen across the steppes, as various (human) tribes had reported attacks from the hyena-like creatures. The Matemala elders believed there to be a connection between the gnolls and the savage horde, though the horde had yet to advance into the steppes. Still, it seemed likely that a connection between the savages had been made.
  • Meanwhile, Edra prepared messages and riders to be sent out this night. Four riders would be dispatched, carrying two messages. Should they encounter colonists, the message spoke of Edra the lost heir, daughter to Ferron calling a meeting. If they encountered barbarians, it would be Edra daughter of Flukka who had called them. Either way, she summoned all those who would attend to the Rock of the Ancients, which was an old barbarian sacred site. They would meet at high-noon on the Day of Longest Light, the summer solstice, nine days away.
    Edra also prepared to make her speech to the resistance about her origin, her identity as Ferron’s child, and as the lost heir to the kingdoms. When everyone had assembled in the common room, they stood shoulder to shoulder, packed in and awaiting the announcement. Edra and the officers of the resistance stood on cots looking on the brave faces of their two-hundred warriors.
  • Edra spoke proudly, honestly, and with nobility, as she explained who she was. She explained the misunderstandings of Ferron’s intentions, Orden swore her words to be true “by Daetheleor”. Heir or not, she promised her sword, and indeed her life, to defeating the Gold Goblin. Even more, once she slew her nemesis, she also swore to reclaim the throne and unite the kingdoms once more! The room erupted in excitement, and as people quieted, those present began to kneel, taking knees and swearing allegiance to her, “their queen”.

The 22nd – 30th Sword of Summer’s Rising

  • Over the next eight days, our heroes would train and prepare in a number of ways.
  • Orden would help to train Edra in using her newfound Sunblade which they had looted from the Lost City of Gamor. He would also aid Hess in modifying Bronn’s dwarven longhammer to be even more effective. Besides these ways, Orden kept busy in the forge, making fair quality weapons, though more mass produced, for the soldiers of the resistance.
  • Hess would seek out a mount. In the stables the gunslinger found Flashfire, a sleek charcoal grey light war horse with a fiery spirit and a blackened mane; indeed the steed appeared scorched from his own speed. For most of his time Galleon worked in the forge with Orden and his apprentice. Most notably Hess upgraded Bronn’s weapon, using the help of his allies, modifying the weapon to a thing of absolute beauty and destruction. Indeed, Hess had produced his most masterful work, the likes of which could not be bested without the aid of magic and metallurgy of creating Ringsteel.
  • Farius had been alchemically testing several specimens the investigator had gathered on their travels so far. From the mushrooms looted from Dur’bag’s lair, he found them to be incredibly nutritious. If the mushrooms were dried out, they would loose half their size, and three-quarters of their weight. By simply adding water, they would plumpen-up and become edible again. They would provide perfect sustenance for a whole day, and got a total of eight servings from the specimens they had. More importantly, from the centipede’s blood the investigator worked wonders, somehow extracting the creatures mythic essence. (Mythic Surge Potion: Gain 1d6 temporary mythic points to be used with the mythic surge ability. [immediate action; add 1d6 to any check after the check has been made]). Farius also gathered information from the various NPC’s around the headquarters, taking particular interest in Thadeus and his explaining of “Words of Power”, and ancient form of spell-casting based solely on speaking the Old Tongue.
  • Edra would spend her time training with her new Sunblade. At first the weapon was awkward to wield at first, its size being that of a bastard sword, but its weight being like a short sword. Orden was able to give pointers and after days of study was able to wield it as effectively as she had her longsword.
  • Colya took most of her time in quiet contemplation. When Edra wasn’t training, Colya was often by her side; the archanist thought her interactions with resistance forces in these first days to be crucial, and she wanted to make sure nothing got out of hand. He continued to obsess over the fate of Archmage Eyzenore, all-powerful and all-wise.
  • Bronn spent most of his time with his new acolyte of Calune, Nevara. She was a bright-eyed colonist who found truth and solace in the Calune’s wisdom. The dwarf spent time making an open-air sanctuary in the city above, where he and any followers could worship their goddess in view of her aegis. The temple was very simple, and intended to be overlooked if any horde-folk wandered through, but it’s location was perfect and it served admirably. Bronn spent the majority of his time dedicated to learning the language of the barbarians, and by the end of the tenday would gain enough control over the language to participate.
  • On the sixth down-day, the heroes had an unexpected visitor arrive in the night. As Hess and Orden worked at the forge, the back-door to their base suddenly busted open, a crew of motley looking folks poured in. Orden immediately recognized one of them as Trade-Prince Nysm, the man who’s hidden-base the group had converted into a disaster shelter. The Trade-Prince was clearly peaved, yelling questions, asking who they hell they were, why they were here, and what they had done to his beautiful baths. Meanwhile Nysm held a resistance guard in front of him with a blade to his throat. Even though Nysm recognized Orden, the intensity of the situation still had to be diffused. Farius and Colya burst in the room in their night wear, and after a back-and-forth with the swarthy thief-prince, he put down his blade and released the guard.
  • From there Nysm took the conversation to the war room, which used to be an opulent sitting room. Once again he was angered by how they had “destroyed” his space, but he was very pleased when he peeked in the vault to see that the stores had actually grown since last he was here. Bronn returned from his night patrol and Edra from setting bear traps in the woods, so they too came to join the conversation.
  • Bronn, tired from the night’s duty nearly forgot to question these new men, a fact Farius quickly reminded him of. The dwarf took to questioning the men about Burgermiester, and one of the men’s eyes flashed with recognition of the name. Bronn didn’t miss the tell, and stormed across the room, grabbed the man by his collar, and screamed for any information about Burgermeister. Others tried to diffuse the situation, but Bronn pressed. The man revealed himself to be “Bray Buckler”. Farius recognized the name from a wanted poster he had seen… “Wild Bray” Buckler had been wanted for murder, rape, and theft, before being imprisoned at Shutter-Creek Penitentiary. In fear for his health, he explained that he met Burgermeister in prison, and “escaped” with him, though by that it was clear that they chose to serve the horde rather than die. He claimed to have escaped when the group was attacked by barbarians.
  • Bronn took Wild Bray in for further questioning, gathering any and all information he could on the whereabouts of his man. Bronn could expect to find the slaver in a division of goblins assigned to the encampment surrounding Hope’s Return.
  • Bronn was ready to go then and there, and it took a conversation with Farius to convince him to stay with the group. Edra’s mission, the summoning of any final survivors in the area, and turning them to the resistance’s cause was more important now. Farius swore to help Bronn as soon as their mission on the solstice was complete.

The 1st Sword of Summer’s Descent

*At midnight Bronn and Nevara held a ritual under Calune’s Full Guard, they had about a dozen resistance members in attendance including Edra. Bronn had a spiritual experience, feeling the moonlight wash over him and give him a sense of peace and relief he hasn’t felt since his daughter’s kidnapping.

  • The next morning the party rode out early, wanting to arrive well before the intended meeting time to scope out the area. Their trip went smoothly, and they stepped foot onto The Rock of the Ancients with an hour to spare before Vehana reached her highest point in the sky. Edra and Colya stood in reverence of the place, for countless centuries barbarians had held meetings here. The rest of the group took to surveying the area and found it to be clear of any horde presence. They settled upon the rock and waited.
  • Just as their shadows disappeared, a thundering sound came in the distance. Through the trees the group saw barbarian riders, one hundred strong. The rode into the glen and dismounted. Foremost came a woman, she spoke firm, proud, and clear. She introduced herself first as Zisk the Sixth, great-skald of the natives. Second, she introduced Jarl Ingmar the Blackskull, son of Ulferik son of Gorn, hero of the Battle of The Breach, Giant-slayer, bander of clans, breaker of lines, and enemy of the Gold Goblin. Though she delivered his accolades and titles well, a few in the party noticed a hint of something in her voice, perhaps sarcasm; as if she didn’t think much of this one who calls himself the Blackskull.
  • Hess also recognized one of the barbarian riders as Konah son of Grima. Grima was the barbarian woman who saved Hess from exposure, and brought him to Flukka for her skilled healing. She also had helped the people of her tribe accept Hess as one of their own. Sadly she had died in the uprising, but Konah had clearly survived, and made his way into Blackskull’s clan. He signaled to the boy, and got a nod in response, but now was the time for negotiations.
  • And so the officers fought the Blackskull, words as their weapons. Ingmar was stubborn, strong, and intimidating; clearly practiced at tribal disputes. Despite his advantages the Blackskull found many of the arguments hard to counter, and shook hands with Edra in the end, though he clearly stated he would not be staying in their “stinking city cave”. They would be on reserve, in effect.
  • Just as the negotiations finished, a rider from the resistance appeared. He carried a dire message. Beliden had been lost, maybe slain, maybe captured. His last known whereabouts put him outside of Lassley, a day’s ride to the east. Meanwhile, Bronn had already begun preparing his horse for the ride west toward Hope’s Return, and thus the party decided to split up. Bronn, Hess, and Farius would ride west for Burgermiester and the goblin division he is attached to. Orden, Edra, and Colya would ride east down the Siger river to Lassley in hopes that they can save their friend before it’s too late!

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Edra’s Speech 4,800 4,800
The Trade-Prince’s Arrival 8 4,800 1 4,800
A Tenday’s Work 4,800 4,800
Roleplay at The Rock 10 9,600 1 9,600
Subtotal 24,000 / 6
Total 4,000xp
Stab first, ask questions later
Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


Brother Bronn casts Speak with the Dead on the remains of the frost giant emissary.

The 21tst Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Following the skirmish in the Serpent’s Pass, the last remaining cannibal that hadn’t been captured, fled. Edra and Hess followed in hot pursuit. They followed across narrow ledges, over bolders, swung across vines, and leaped over chasms, and the barbarian was incredible agile. Despite his efforts, the two resistance fighters eventually wrangled the barbarian and began dragging him back to the group.
  • Meanwhile Farius had set up his alchemist’s kit and was busy brewing something special. He stepped over to the other captured barbarian, the sorcerer whom they faced, and slit a small cut on his cheek, gathering a bit of his blood. He mixed this blood into a concoction. While Orden buried the dead, Farius and Colya interrogated the sorcerer. They made very serious threats to try to get him to speak, even threatening to pour Farius’s mixture down his throat. Eventually they pulled back, feeling there was some moral border they didn’t want to cross.
  • Edra and Hess returned with the other barbarian whom they also threatened. Farius detected the thoughts of their enemies, but seemed to only pick up on their pure hatred for the party, particularly anyone who is a colonist. Edra also pushed a moral limit before Bronn snapped her out of her rage. Despite it all, they did get some information from the barbarians.
  • If what they said could be believed, the Gold Goblin was offering Ferron’s Gauntlet to the tribes of the Silver Strand, and to further the horde’s alliances to include them. Edra spat at this, she would never give up her homeland to these savages, and it wasn’t the Gold Goblin’s land to give in the first place. The audacity! The party decided to keep the cannibals tied up and bring them back to headquarters with them for further questioning.
  • While they finished up their interrogations, Brother Bronn prepared a casting of speak with dead on the head of the frost giant emissary, and thought deeply on the few questions he would be able to ask. Orden aided in the task, and eventually the other party members came over for the casting. They discussed more what they should ask, and finally Bronn finished his spell, and the dead frost giantess opened her eyes once more, though they were rolled back in her head. Her mouth creaked open and gurgled. Bronn posed his questions.
  1. Where could the Gold Goblin be found? Hob’Gamor. she responded
  2. Where is Hob’Gamor? Men called it New Oathilliam.
  3. What is the Gold Goblin’s next move? The army marches North to Gothrillad on the new moon.
  4. Where is Blackjack Burgermeister I don’t know that name.
  • At that answer Bronn thoroughly pulverized the giant’s head, finally having to be pulled off by his companions.
  • It seemed for the time being the group had gathered all the information they could. They were absolutely exhausted, having ridden all day to the Crossroads, only to immediately ride back out for three more hours of hustled riding, then to fight the challenging combat they had just faced. They decided to set up watch and rest in the pass for the night before riding out to the headquarters.

The 21st Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • The night passed uneventfully, save for the briskly blowing winds that blew through the canyon, howling down the rocks with an eerie moan.
  • They group rode out, each one with a blonde survivor behind them. Travels for the day were also uneventful until the late afternoon when Bronn spotted carrion birds circling ahead. The group approached carefully to find the corpse of a frost giant that was missing it’s head! Orden examined the body closely. It had many wounds, but particularly he noticed the decapitation; such a stroke had to be made by someone very strong, and well trained with a blade, for the cut appeared to have been made in a single swipe.
  • Others searched the area looking for clues. They found tracks around the area that seemed to be those of barbarians, and also found a broken arrow that the natives in the group agreed was of barbarian make. Perhaps the resistance did have allies in the area, or at the very least, enemies of their enemies. The group deliberated on trying to follow the tracks but decided against it, desiring to return to the headquarters and drop off their quarry, and their charges.
  • The party traveled for several more hours to reach the headquarters in the ninth hour of the evening. The group entered the base and immediately noticed the mood to be somber in the place. They asked someone nearby and he reported that Izkrael had returned, but he had lost men on his trip, and survivors. It was the first time a refugee-run had proven fatal, though everyone knew the dangers going in. Izkrael wasn’t currently in the headquarters, but was nearby, and was asking not to be disturbed unless necessary. He said he could be found at Illyra’s fallen church in the city above.

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Chasing down the fleeing cannibal 6,000
Interrogating the captured barbarians 6,000
New Gamor has risen (frost giant speak with dead) 6,000
Carrion Birds ahead (investigating the giant’s remains) 2,000
Subtotal 20,000 / 6
Total 3,333xp
A Race to Serpent's Pass!
Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


The heroes race against time across Ferron’s Gauntlet!

The 17th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • After the defeat of the collosal Titan Centipede, the party healed up and continued examining the immediate area. First they took a closer look at the mosaic of the Orc-King’s Conquest that clung to the domed ceiling of his mausoleum.
  • The mosaic depicted the Orc-king leading a massive army over mountains, across plains, and through blizzards. At one point, he even appears to ask dragons to fly his army across the sea, and they did. The last frames of the mosaic show the orc-king slaying a human king who’s head was adorned with an impressive crown that seemed to shed it’s own light. The final image is of the orc-king turned to his army and his enemies subjects, holding the crown above his head in victory.
  • Bronn noticed something very odd about the mosaic. Where at first he thought the image was depicting the moon multiple times, he began to wonder if it was in fact showing two different moons. The closer he looked, the more convinced he became. One of the moons clearly resembled Calune’s Aegis, but the other appeared entirely foreign to him.
  • Learning all they could from the mausoleum, the party next turned their focus on tracking down the strange troglodyte that tried to warn of the centipede’s approach. And so Bronn took the lead, and though tracking on what was largely hard stone proved challenging, the dwarf was able to follow the trog’s movements to a low crack in a ceiling a quarter-mile from the bereft orc-king’s resting place.
  • Crawling on their hands and knees to get through, the party entered into a large room that they soon realized used to be a city square. The walls were half-fallen buildings that seemed to be supporting the mountains above them. The room was filled with a glowing light provided by iridescent mushrooms, that littered the floors and low walls of the space. Narrow paths cut between the fungi, and on one such path stood a frightened looking trog, the same one that had warned them judging from his thready garb.
  • The troglodyte threatened the party, which was both hollow and intimidating. It spoke in extremely broken draconic, such that even Farius and Colya who were trained in the tongue had trouble making out his words. Still, they were able to communicate, albeit clumsily. At first they tried diplomacy, but they either chose the wrong words, or their meaning was lost in translation. The trog threatened them again, to which Farius returned with a threat of his own. It seemed the troglodyte understood that message loud and clear, and he threw down his spear and put up his hands. The group then slowly explained that they meant him know harm, they simply had questions for him. At this the trog seemed to warm up to the group, and he happily, yet dumbly, answered.
  • Between his grunts and nods, his gesturing and his emotions; from directed questions and inane ramblings, the party gleaned the following information.
  • The creatures name was Durbag, it’s lived here forever, or as long as it knows
  • Someone who resembled the party (a human) had been here recently, or as recent as Durbag could recall. He had no bearing on time, for he never saw the sky.
  • Colya shared a mental image of Archmage Eyzenore with Durbag, which he recognized. She was the one who had been here recently.
  • Durbag took the party to the place where he saw her. He returned them to the mausoleum.
  • He explained that a “gold man” was with her. She was bound. They searched the sarcophagus, the gold man got angry that something wasn’t there. Colya’s friend laughed at the gold man. The gold man beat Colya’s friend, then took the orc-king’s remains from the grave.
  • The group was floored by these revelations. If what Durbag recalled was true, the Archmage was brought here, conscious but against her will. She opened her own lock, but the thing the Gold Goblin sought wasn’t here. Perhaps the Archmage had planned for something like this, and moved the secret when she had first come here and created the lock.
  • The party offered for them to take Durbag to the outside, but he seemed to have no interest. This was his home. The party thanked the troglodyte for his help before he skittered off.

The 18th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • The group decided to take a half-day to search the lost city for valuables, which yielded six items (to be rolled later). Edra found a 7th item inside the belly of the centipede they had slain. They search had proved fruitful indeed! After eight hours of sleep the party awoke and headed out into the cold evening.

The 20th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • After the two day trek back to The Crossroads, the party finally reached their destination. It was the ninth hour of the evening when the party reunited with Orden at the headquarters. Though he was relieved to see the group returned safely, he was also screaming that they didn’t have time to chat. The Resistance had picked up that a meeting was taking place at midnight tonight between The Horde and several chieftains of tribes of cannibalistic barbarians from the Silver Strand. The meeting was to take place at the summit of Serpent’s Pass, over twenty miles away. Even hustled, they would be hard pressed to make their deadline if they left immediately. They saw no other choice and rode out at once!
  • They raced through forests, hills, and mountains as fast as their horses would push themselves. When not pressed for time, they would never travel by the highways, but now so pushed for time, they found themselves with no other choice. Though the roads were on constant Horde patrol, Asgirrithad was with them this night for they met no enemies along their hastened ride.
  • Finally they neared the summit, and dismounting, Edra snuck forward. She saw first two massive white wolves at the back of the horde pack. Between the wolves, half-a-dozen survivors stood. Edra noticed a few things about them: they seemed healthy compared to other captured survivors she had seen, and they all had blonde hair, which she shared in common with them. Edra knew that the Silver Strand cannibals treated fair-skinned, blonde haired humans as delicacies… these were here to smooth over negotiations with the barbarians. After the blondes came a pack of orcs, and towering over them, a frost giant! Beyond the giant, another ten or so barbarians stood. Edra had seen enough, and she approached the group shouting out at the giant. They shared heated words until Colya flung a fireball from the cliffside to kick off the combat.
  • The winter-wolves breaths were like blizzards, the frost-giants axefalls like thunder, but despite it all the party prevailed in the end!

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Understanding the Orc-King’s Conquest 1,000
Draconic Diplomacy (Roleplay with Durbag) 6,000
Racing to Serpent’s Pass! 3,000
Orc Sergents 2 600 6 3,600
Barbarian Raiders 2 600 4 2,400
Great Axe Fury 10 9,600 1 9,600
Cannibalistic Hunter 9 6,400 1 6,400
Blackscale Sorcerer 9 6,400 1 6,400
Winterwolf Worgs 5 1,600 2 3,200
Envoy to the Gold Goblin (Frost Giant Raider) 11 12,800 1 12,800
Subtotal 42,800 / 6
Total 8,800xp
The Lost City of Gamor
Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


“The architecture is from another time all together, it’s ancient beyond knowledge” -Bronn

The 14th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Following the defeat of the goblin convoy, the party searched their persons and cargoes, and checked on the survivors at the back of the train. They all were in good enough health to make it back, so the survivors piled onto the carts, some took the reins, and with Hess at the head of the wagons, rode their spoils back to the hideout.
  • The group was greeted with the cheers of resistance fighters who awaited their return. Colya and Farius also greeted the group. Colya immediately recognized one of the rescued survivors, although he looked far different than Colya had ever seen him. She walked up to him and asked his name, Master Thadeus. His eyes turned bright and he smiled and embraced Colya. It was indeed Thadeus the Loremaster of Darthon. Colya asked him what happened at the school, and so he explained.
  • The City of Darthon was overrun so quickly that no one had time to prepare, the same story that everyone tells. Of course the school housed some of the most powerful wizards in the colonies. Those wizards did bring their power to bare against the might of the savage horde, but the horde pushed back. Like a tide that would not break, the horde came on through the night until their spells were spent. When they finally penetrated the schools defenses it fell quickly. Thadeus did everything he could to escape with his life. He saw faculty and students being slain, but many too he saw being captured. The horde put the school to flame but they saved the books. Whatever the horde was after, they sought knowledge in their fight.
  • Thadeus lamented the Archmage’s absence, if she were here they may have been able to stop the horde. He also suspected the Archmage’s absence could be tied to the uprising. Archmage Eyzenore disappeared three seasons ago, and the year at school had been dark and ominous since.
  • Thadeus then explained an encounter he had with Eyzenore two winters ago, when he had found what he believed to be the Lost City of Gamor. He was exhilarated with his find until also finding his further passage into the city blocked by an incredibly powerful arcane lock. When Thadeus brought this up to Eyzenore, she firmly ordered him never to return there, stating “Some secrets are left better uncovered, some knowledge ungained”. Thadeus suspected that the Archmage had been taken by the horde long before their attack. If they had broken Eyzenore’s mind, her knowledge could be used against the world in terrible ways. Together he and Colya supposed that they could learn a great deal from traveling to this Lost City to see if the Archmage’s lock remained in tact. Lastly, Colya cast share memory on the loremaster to see where the entrance to the Lost City was hidden.
  • In typical Bronn fashion, he immediately took to questioning the newly rescued survivors about the fate of Anchorfall. He was in luck to find that one of the survivors was indeed from the port city. Borris was a cobbler in Anchorfall, his shop was burned along with his belongings while he fled the city. Borris did have some lead on the prison, for he had seen it burning as he left the city. As he snuck through the streets to flee, he witnessed horde brutes capturing and even converting convicts to their fight. He supposed that if Burgermeister had been in the prison when it fell, if he is alive, there’s a good chance that he is now a mercenary of the savage horde. Bronn finally had a descent lead, albeit based on reasonable speculation.
  • The officers deliberated chose to make the two day ride to the Lost City, which Thadeus could give them directions to. Orden would stay behind to see oversee operations with Beliden while the rest of the officers went to investigate. First they would rest, and head out the next morning.

The 17th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Upon nearing the location of the Lost City, Colya recalled the area and realized the loremaster’s memory was overlapping her experience in what felt like prolonged deja vu. Thus Colya was able to lead the party to a massive crack in the mountainside, where his vision ended. Here the party shimmied down the base of a steep crevase, traveling hundreds of feet into the mountain.
  • At last they came to a passageway in the cliff-face, a perfectly cut passage, ten feet square and hundreds of feet long, descending into darkness. Bronn and Colya knew it could have only been cut with magic. Above the passage were inert runes carved into the stone. They had found the Archmage’s door, and it had been unlocked!
  • The heroes made their way though the darkness, eventually emptying into a massive cave. Miles of ruined city stretched out before them, buildings toppled over and crushed by the mountains that stood above them. The party struggled to cross a large chasm, but eventually made it to the far side where only Farius’s pride damaged.
  • The party ascended a flight of steps into a large domed structure. At the middle, stood a stone sarcophagus. There was a likeness carved into the face of the sarcophagus, that of an orc king, complete with crown. Above them, a mosaic wrapped around the entirety of the round ceiling. The imagery seemed to be depicting an ancient orcish conquest, marching an army across the world to destroy a great human kingdom and steal their king’s crown. The party had stumbled upon the mausoleum of the First Orc-King Kul.
  • The heroes cast beneficial spells on themselves before finally pushing the cap off of the massive sarcophagus revealing… AN EMPTY CASKET! It appeared the orc-king’s resting place had been raided, and neither treasure nor remains were left behind.
  • From behind the party heard a voice, which Farius and Colya recognized to be speaking in a very broken Draconic. They turned to see a troglodyte hanging from a building-side. “RUN, SHE COMES, YOU EATEN!” was all they could make out. The trog then bolted from the scene, convinced that something was coming to kill them all.
  • From the depths of the mountain came a crescendo of tapping, at first nearly silent but soon thundering, as a collosal Titan Centipede climbed from the chasm, flanked by a pack of smaller, man-sized multi-legged insects. Edra felt a power she had only felt once before, when she faced off against a ringfall touched dire mountain leopard in her youth. Such a creature was terrifying enough without being touched by the gods, this one was truly dreadful.
  • Despite landing massive poisonous blows on the party, the mythical defenses of the titan centipede couldn’t stand up to the party’s full force, and they downed the beast in half-a-minute!

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
“The door was unlocked…” 2,000
“…but the bridge wasn’t lowered.” 1,000
Whiptail Centipedes 3 600 4 2,400
Mythic Invincible Titan Centipede (MR2) 11 12,800 1 12,800
Subtotal 18,200 / 6
Total 3,033xp
Heirs and Heretics
Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


Among the remains of the Crossroads ruined building, is the old Church of Illyra, Maiden of the Harvest; somehow demanding reverence even in ruin.

The 11th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Having freed the prisoners from Fort Lobel and fled the scene in a hurry, the group traveled through the day and into the night to get back to the Crossroads. The party was happy to learn that they had saved Flukka’s son Edra, the fighter who was being whipped when they arrived. They immediately showed him to his mother on their arrival to the hideout. The adventurers rested easy that night knowing they had helped reunite a mother and son.

The 12th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • Orden called the officers for a meeting in the war room in the late morning. There Flukka also waited. Edra was ushered in a moment later, seeming to have been called for the same meeting. Orden told everyone to sit down, that Flukka had some things to say. He looked somewhat absent, as if he was pondering something profound.
  • Flukka proceeded to explain the unbelievable. She claimed to be the widow of the late Prince Ferron. When he was on his crusade fifteen years ago, his army had been snowed in and saved by her tribe, despite the fact that they rode for Ferron’s Oath against Savagery. In the weeks that they were snowed in together, Ferron grew to understand the errors of his ways, even going as far as to fall in love and wed a barbarian witch, though it no doubt helped that she was a beautiful, and the daughter of a powerful and respected chieftain. Many of Ferron’s followers disagreed strongly, and understandably, for Ferron was to be King of Gothrilad. Others felt that he was being coerced or even seduced by Flukka. Ferron never doubted his choice however, and neither did Flukka. When the winter broke Ferron rode to the Furthest Shore where he had planned to do ultimate battle with the barbarian paragon, half-giant Jarl Jornbruun. The two met alone, though instead of fighting they spoke, they connected, and they agreed to a truce, and a peace between colonists and natives. Ferron felt he had achieved his greatest feat yet, but again naysayers in his following existed. The following night a Ringfall event took place that killed the heir of Gothrilad. Ferron died that night so that Flukka might live. That his how she had been so terribly scarred. Though she was not the only one touched by Ringfall that night, for she also carried a child in her womb. That child was Edra, the lost heir of Gothrilad.
  • This all starkly contrasted the history of Ferron’s final days as the party knew them to be. Legend says that Ferron rode alone to the Furthest Shore where he slew Jarl Jornbruun. Though he had victory, the prince had been fatally wounded in the battle. In his dying hour he scribed Ferron’s Commandment in which he asked for his men to continue on his mission, his oath against savagery. He died a hero and for a great cause, at least according to colonists. Natives hate Ferron, for his commandment has been used to badger and abuse peaceful barbarians since the prince’s death. The Church of Daetheleor in the colonies took up that charge, lead by Sir Theodus Claymore, Ferron’s ex right-hand-man, future bishop, and head native-marriage naysayer. In fact it was no doubt on Bishop Claymore’s order’s that prompted Flukka’s next secret.
  • Meanwhile Edra stood before the group stunned, learning that her father was the heir to Gothrilad. Her father was also the man her people hated for condemning them to sub-humane treatment. Edra understood it all, but it was far too much to take in.
  • Flukka spoke up again for another reveal. She explained that Ferron left the world a girl to inherit his kingdom, not a boy. Edra was shocked again that her mother shared their great secret, but it seemed today was the day for such truths to surface. She explained that the Church of Daetheleor had caught wind of a rumor that Ferron may have had a bastard child to a barbarian woman, and that this child was a girl. Flukka had Edra change her identity to that of a man to keep her safe, and been maintaining the guise for nearly a decade.
  • After fielding many inquiries Flukka sat and Edra rose to spoke. She swore to join the Resistance and to fight back against the Gold Goblin. Her father had given his life for these people and for this land, so would she if need be.
  • The group decided to keep this information between them at the moment. It had been a very long night before, a hard-fought battle, a long ride back, and now this. The party was exhausted, and so they retired for the night.

The 13th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • The day passed with little to report, the duties of The Resistance moved forward, and everyone stewed on the epic revelations of the last night.
  • That evening, while seated in his favorite lookout – the steeple of a ruined Church of Illyra – Brother Bronn heard a ruckus passing down the streets several blocks away. He and his watch approached and saw the noise to be a caravan of what seemed to be mostly goblins, with several ogres in the pack. They had wagons laden with goods and behind the rearmost cart they pulled a handful of wretched looking survivors. Bronn had seen enough, and hustled down to the hideout and informed the party, which quickly gathered and left after a brief blessing from Chaplain Restna. Colya and Farius had other pressing resistance matters to attend to so they stayed at the hideout.
  • The rest of the party left the hideout and moved to ambush them several miles down the road. They found a burned-out farm house and a grouping of boulders that would work perfectly, and waited for their pray.

The 14th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • In the early hours of the morning the party drew first blood, when a scout from the goblin convoy ventured far ahead of the group and spotted one of the resistance members. The giant-vulture mounted goblin quickly turned to report back to his comrades, but Hess made quick order of the goblin and mount, and shut their mouths permanently.
  • A while later the rest of the convoy arrived, and the party set off their ambush! The goblin riders fought fiercely, and their ogre guards brought caused incredible damage, but the brave party fought on to win the day!

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Flukka’s burden becomes Edra’s destiny 6,000
Foiling the Vulture-riding scout 1,000
Goblins 4 1,200 4 4,800
Goblin Riders 5 1,600 4 6,400
Goblin Frog-Talker 5 1,600 1 1,600
Goblin Vulture-Rider 3 800 1 800
Ogre Brutes 6 2,400 3 7,200
Subtotal 27,800 / 6
Total 4,633xp
Common Enemies, Common Ground
Campaign: A Rumor of Hope


The round table used in the resistance headquarters makeshift war room.

The 10th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • The officers of The Resistance began somberly sitting around their war-room table deep beneath the Crossroads, in a thieves hideout turned underground railroad. They looked over a map of the Northern Colonies, town after town had been crossed off with *X*’s. Rations and morale were running low, as was hope. That was all about to change.
  • Beliden entered the room, with a barbarian woman in tow whom he introduced to the party as Flukka. The poor woman was scarred from head to toe, though it was clearly from an accident long ago. In the present she was stoic, although her concern was evident. She informed the party that her son and perhaps two dozen more prisoners were being held within the walls of Fort Lobel. Once a colonial army base, the fort had been overrun by the Savage Horde after the Battle of the Redwater, and was being used as a staging point for further Horde attacks. Apparently now it also doubled as slave pens.
  • That was all the party needed to hear and they quickly began their preparations. The group rode out at midnight and traveled through the early morning until reaching the fort at dawn.

The 11th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • The party approached as light broke over the fort. Farius consumed a potion of invisibility and Colya cast the same spell on herself and the two surveyed the scene. There were indeed many survivors being kept in terrible conditions inside of pens within the walls. Another such survivor was being whipped and didn’t look like he’d last much longer, they had to act soon. Farius returned the group while Colya remained inside to create a distraction. The party moved to the far side of the fort and signaled with a bird call. Colya threw a fireball into a corner of the fort, throwing the entire scene into complete chaos.
  • The party scaled the far wall and began their assault on the garrison of orcs that now held the fort. The man being whipped broke his chains, picked up a fallen sword, removed the hand of his whipper, and battled alongside the party to win the day and save all of the prisoners, huzzah!

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Character Intros 6,000
Freeing Captured Survivors 6,000
Orcs 2 600 6 3,600
Orc Scouts 5 1,600 6 9,600
Orc War Drummer 3 800 1 800
Orc Gorthec Rider 6 2,400 1 2,400
Orc Chieftan 9 6,400 1 6,400
Hobgoblin Battle Priest 8 4,800 1 4,800
Subtotal 39,600 / 6
Total 6,600xp
Master of Lore
Campaign: A Garden of War


The First Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • In the earliest hours of the First Sword, deep beneath the Sea Lord’s Keep, Rohmanar led the party through passages and stairs until finally reaching his library and study. The Royal Loremaster promptly asked his apprentices to leave and locked the door behind him.
  • First the loremaster asked for a closer look at the cube Cahal had shown him at the estate. Rohmanar seemed to know, or at least guess, that it was not wise to touch the device or even get too close. He kept his distance yet examined the cube with great curiosity. He then drilled the party on where they had found the cube and under what circumstances.
  • He then went to his shelves of books, and though there were thousands of volumes he seemed to have them all cataloged in his mind; he knew exactly where the books were that he sought. Out came three texts: Known Histories of the Age of Wyrmrule by Heburon the Ancient The World Before Darkness by the Felora Far-Seer, and Songs of Yore: A compilation of ancient bardic songs and tales. The loremaster opened each ancient text with great care, as the pages were several millennia old. In the three separate books, he found three separate depictions, all seeming to be sketches of the cube the party now had before them. Rohmanar began to explain the examples.

    • First from Known Histories of the Age of Wyrmrule, Heburon wrote of King Ulfar’s Conquest (190 A.W.) According to Rohmanar this is the first time the cube is seen in history. Indeed, for “history” as we know it now started only a century before.
    • Second, from The World Before Darkness, Felora Far-Seer wrote of the fall of Azilion, City of Pearls(140 A.W), and the mysterious circumstances surrounding it. A sketch of the cube eerily similar to the sketches found in Brokenbridges asylum adorned the page.
    • Lastly, from Songs of Yore: A compilation of ancient bardic songs and tales came a ballad of heroism and sacrifice; when Lipherien Raistrike, Hero of Three-Peeks and Heir of the Arborial Throne gave up her crown to sail the cube across the sea to never be heard from again. (5 A.W.)

  • And so Rohmanar impressed on the party just how dangerous an artifact they had stumbled upon. It had been present at the fall of civilizations many times over. The texts match the party’s understanding of the cube and it’s powers, its ability to devour souls, and drive people to fear and madness. The wizard agreed that it needed to be dealt with, and with utmost haste.
  • Next the loremaster asked about the “dark caster” whom the party had attracted as a nemesis, and the individual who brought the cube from the sands of time into the current age. The group told of his name and likeness – Denegroth the Dread – he had introduced himself as. Upon hearing this name Rohmanar sought another tome. Though the book the he retrieved appeared plain and nondescript at first, a wiggle of the loremasters finger revealed hidden information on the cover and within the book’s pages. The plain cover of the book now bore a symbol of crossed keys, it’s page’s ink replaced with glowing arcane text revealing the secrets within. Rohmanar turned the pages with reverence until finally coming upon what he sought. And so he read aloud a brief passage: “Denegroth Foregrove, graduate of Deppenwhorl Academy, Ring-touched mage, was interred into the Order of the Crossed Keys in 950 A.E.” … his voice trailed off as he skimmed to the bottom of the page. “His final mission was in 973 when he was sent into The Scar to investigate the slaughter of several of the nomadic tribes living within. He was never heard from again.”
  • The loremaster realized that for any of this to matter, a great many explanations were in order. First Rohmanar told the party that he was a senior member of a secret society, The Order of the Crossed Keys. While many pursue knowledge and the power it imparts, the Crossed Keys recognizes that some knowledge is too dangerous for man to wield; and so they protect ancient secrets, artifacts, and fonts of power who’s exploit bring ruin to all. They are enemies to the avarice that turns the hearts of men. The Order had existed in secret for nearly a millennia, and Denegroth had been a member over 200 years earlier! Rohmanar supposed that he had stumbled on the cube two centuries ago and was conquered by its evil. The most ancient and powerful artifacts of the world are said to impart a sort of immortality to the wielder. It is possible that Denegroth was essentially kept from aging for all those years, until loosing it in his defeat at Irador during the Goblin War two decades ago. Now that the cube had been found, it calls to him once more, and he will desire its power above all else. It is not safe, nor will be until its power can be removed and the bond can be broken between them.
  • So the group discussed for some while how to go about destorying the cube, or at the very least removing it’s power and rendering it dormant. Taranath, Sarien, and Rohmanar theorized for some time, and after reading more on Lipherien Rainstrike’s battle against the cube, began to form a plan. According to an interpretation of Songs of Yore, Rainstrike had “Sang the damned from their cage” and had “bent the bars by their own request”. At this the Loremaster examined closer the runes along the cube’s surface. Rohmanar was shocked to realize that the phrases along the cube’s surfaces were it’s activation words! Lipherian had spoke the activation words to open the “cage” and release the spirits within. The party was excited with this revelation until Rohmanar explained that he didn’t know all of the activation words, for the Old Tongue was a language yet to be fully translated. Though Rohmanar was the highest authority on the dialect, even he didn’t fully comprehend it. A weight of doubt came over the group once again as their goal seemed to keep moving further away. The loremaster broke the silence, and revealed perhaps the most incredible secret of all to the party of heroes.

    * Rohmanar explained that there was one more in this world who knew the Old Tongue greater than him. He referred to her as his “mentor” in the matter. He said that he met her two decades ago, when the loremaster was but a page of the Crown-Prince Cassio (Armento); when his lord’s party ventured far and wide gaining favor and fortune, and winning the hearts of all who would live in the king-to-be’s lands. The Prince’s band had sought a bloodthirsty and ancient wrym who’d turned the newly forming Creeping Isles into it’s roost, and the lands surrounding into it’s feeding ground. So Rohmanar and his prince dove into the heart of the volcano and faced the Reaver of Riker’s Narrow. There in the depths they did face a beast the likes of which none of them had ever seen. It’s power overwhelmed the party, incapacitating the prince and leaving Rohmanar helpless. In a moment of desperation and an attempt to protect his prince, the loremaster spoke the Old Tongue word for “mercy” and the great wrym froze in its place. At the time the world knew very few of the words of the ancients, and the loremaster knew fewer still, though he plead for his life and the life of his prince the best he could… and the dragon listened! Yet not only did it heed the wizards words, but spoke too then with a voice like an avalanche, the wounded wyrm growled out the word for “peace”. Rohmanar was allowed to retreat from the dragon’s den with his prince who had been knocked out cold in the encounter. Rohmanar tended his wounds and probed the prince’s mind, stealing his memories of the fight with the dragon so when he awoke it was as with amnesia. So Rohmanar told the prince the tale that would become Cassio’s legend, when he slew the great wyrm but was nearly killed when it crushed him in it’s death throes, taking the cavern down atop it. In reality Rohmanar had placated the dragon with words, dragged the prince from the cavern, collapsed its entrance, and fabricated a tale in it’s place. Rohmanar did this of course not out of selfishness, but in wanting to protect this great and ancient secret he had stumbled upon; a living cypher to unlock the mysteries of the past. It was through finding this secret and seeking to protect it that Rohmanar came to join the Order of the Crossed Keys.
  • The wizard has spent the last two decades meticulously deciphering the Old Tongue though still holds much of the knowledge back from his peers for the fear of what might be unearthed from it. Each year during the spring (when dragons wake from hibernation to ravage the lands), Rohmanar had taken secret missions to the isles where he and other Crossed Key members delivered livestock, gold, magical items and jewels – all the things dragons covet and crave – to placate the ancient one who lived beneath the volcano.
  • What the loremaster proposed next was insanity, but so was much of what had transpired that night. He said they would need to travel north to the Creeping Isles, unveil the great arcane illusions the loremaster had woven to hide the entrance, then delve into the heart of the mountain to, in a foreign language, convince an elder wyrm to read the passages on the side of an ancient doomsday device. This would need to be done without Rohmanar’s presence, for he would be needed in the city while the current catastrophe unfolds. Even then, they would only have one piece of the puzzle – the activation word.
  • Next they would need to find a place to open a gate to the spirit realm and siphon the souls from the cube. It would need to be a place of great magical power such as a convergence of lay lines. Cahal explained that his druid-masters were attuned to the lay lines and may be able to aid in this.
  • With all of this information shared, Rohmanar then took the group to the royal coffers, where they loaded bags of previous gems and ancient coins to be taken north to the mountain. The wizard had been raiding the coffers for years, though their wealth was greatly diminished from the days of the Empire, there was still “plenty of treasure to spare” in the loremaster’s words.
  • To the party he gave several books, including Songs of Yore, Lay Lines Theories, and most valuable and previous of all, a copy of every word of the Old Tongue that had been translated to date. This final volume wasn’t bound in a book, but was a collection of scrolls scribed by the loremaster himself. He gave the scrolls warily, warning that they were “perhaps as powerful as great-a-threat as the cube itself”, asking them to burn the scrolls once their task was done (for he still had the master copy).
  • Though Rohmanar was bereaved to not be accompanying the group, he eluded to powerful friends, and fellows of the Crossed Keys whom he may be able to send with the party, should he be able to contact them on such short notice.
  • As dawn finally broke over the Brineshell, Rohmanar led the treasure laden party through secret corridors and hidden halls deep beneath the castle at the top of the city. Depressed capstones and tilted books opened doors and lowered lifts until the group reached the Royal Escape – the route down which the king himself would flee if the castle were raised. After what seemed like miles of utter darkness the group existed onto Topside streets. Rohmanar pointed out the direction to the wall from which they planned to jump, and with reverence looked over the heroes once more, and wished them well on their quest. The group followed the wizards directions and after several more minutes rounded a corner to see the great outer-wall of the Brineshell before them. Between them and the wall however, stood a trio of Judges, the one at it’s center wore the Eyes of Oldar, and was the same judge they had snuck past the previous night on entering the city. Behind the judges a score of city guards stood ready to fight.
  • The central judge stepped forward and with a booming voice, addressed the party. “Halt imposters, Oldar demands it of you! You are wanted for the crimes of Forgery, Deceiving a judge, Impersonating a Noble, and Trespassing! Moreover you are suspected of Sabotaging the city’s water supply, for the pain and mutilation of hundreds within the city, and for the murder of countless Topside residents! Now lay down your arms and hand over the weapon or part with your lives to be judged accordingly!”
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Rohmanar’s Secrets Revealed! 10,000
Subtotal 10,000 / 6
Total 1,666xp
Trouble on the Topside
Campaign: A Garden of War


The 30th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • An hour before the midnight toast, the party arrives at the Ferini estate, location of the solstice party the Shadow Blade had planed to attend.
  • Though the groups names weren’t on the guest list, Lirah’s was. While she talked to the doorman attempting to convince him to allow her friends in, a servant of the estate walked up in recognition of her, whispered in the doorman’s ear, and the group was allowed to enter. Obviously this servant believed her to be the Shadow Blade, as she had presented her invitation, and wore her garb.
  • After a brief mingling, that same servant walked behind Lirah, whispering to her that “everything is in place, we await your command”. Lirah simply nodded, not entirely knowing what the plan was, but not wanting to alert them to her true identity.
  • Sarien performed magic tricks for party goers, and Asgrim wove tales of heroism. With their outlandish dress and learned mannerisms, they seemed to fit in well. Where they didn’t fit in, they stood out and embraced it, telling of foreign lands and far off lords and barons.
  • As the time approached, the gathering moved through the estate to the rear grounds, where an impressive private pool poured into the lake at the center of the Topside. The border of the lake had hundreds of such garrish estates, many of which holding similar parties. The grounds were decorated with incredibly carved topiary creatures.
  • Passing to the back yard Lirah was struck with a feeling of familiarity. She has been in this estate before. She knew it once it was the house from her childhood. Could it be that the lord of the house was still the same man from those years ago? The one who killed her mother.
  • Just as Rohmanar the Loremaster gave his toast, Cahal recognized the gardener tending to the topiaries; it was the same gardener from Don Carza’s estate. He must have been a syndicate spy! At the same time, Lirah recognized her mothers murderer; Lord Ferini with the telltale tattoo on his back being visible as he swam in the pool.
  • Suddenly screams erupted from the pool, as the water from the fountain turned a caustic green. It appeared that the fountains now pumped acid instead of water. Beyond the walls of the estate, other citizens screamed as the acid burned anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact with it.
  • Around the yard, syndicate thugs dressed as servants sprang into action, attacking the house guards. The topiary beasts animated and began mauling party goers. Lord Ferini, burned from the acid, ran from the pool and into Lirah’s blade. She finally had her revenge, and she whispered her hatred into his ear as he bled out at the poolside. The rest of the party fought to fend off topiary tigers and syndicate spies, eventually ending the fight on top.
  • Cahal moved to Rohmanar and tried to insist that they needed to leave immediately. After the loremaster insisted in an explanation several times, Cahal reached into his bag and carefully showed Rohmanar the Cube. The loremaster’s face went white, then he sprang into action. Rohmanar asked the party to follow him from the estate. They made haste around the city then eventually across the dyke to the castle at the city’s center. The Royal loremaster had no problem getting the party inside of the castle grounds, and he quickly ushered them deep under the keep, where his library awaited.
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Alchemical Gardener 6 2,400 1 2,400
Firebreather 6 2,400 6 2,400
Syndicate soldiers 6 2,400 6 14,400
Topiary Creations 8 4,800 8 38,400
Putting to rest, the ghosts of the past (Lirah’s Revenge) 10,000
Subtotal 67,600 / 6
Total 11,266xp

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