A Garden of War

Hero's Union
Campaign: The Seeds of Wrath

Heroes union

Barbarian riders on the horizon

Session Summary:

  • Beliden receives a message from The Syndicate (the thieves guild he belongs to) asking him to investigate the Thunderlode Mine to the west of Tinser Point.
  • Battle worn paladin Orden Ulfgar offers his help in this, also wishing to return to Tinser Point and his forge, where he might continue to craft weapons to help the locals.
  • Hired to help the rogue and paladin on their trip to the mine, Izkrael the ranger and Milana the horse-master are asked to play guide to the unlikely duo. They are given 500gp up front, and are promised another 500 for seeing the rogue through the mine, and back to Ferron’s Reach.
  • The four adventurers meet and head off through the hills toward Tinser Point.
  • After a half-day’s ride, our adventurers encounter two barbarian horsemen watching them from a distance. Their apparent reverence for Milana and her massive horse Arias’Tama keeps the savages at a distance, and the adventurers move on without conflict.
  • At the end of the second day, and nearing their destination, the group spots several men along the road south of Tinser Point.
  • Orden approaches and casts Detect Evil. Sensing their evil nature, the paladin draws his weapon and tells the men to step aside.
  • The highwaymen attack but are quickly dispatched by the battle tested adventurers.

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Bandit 1/2 200 x4 800
Slaver 3 800 x1 800
Bonus XP (Barbarians) 1 400 x2 800
SUBTOTAL 2400 / 4
TOTAL 600 xp

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