Character Creation

Character Creation

It is highly recommended that players follow the Character Creation Outine on the d20pfsrd site as a guideline to constructing characters. Though the site has many Paizo and 3rd Party books implemented into their database, I will be limiting character/feat/spell/item selection to the following Pathfinder books.

  • Core Rulebook
  • Advanced Class Guide
  • Advanced Players Guide
  • Advanced Race Guide
  • Horror Adventures
  • Occult Advetures
  • Pathfinder Unchained
  • Ultimate Magic
  • Ultimate Combat
  • Ultimate Equipment
  • Ultimate Campaign
  • Ultimate Intrigue
Build Outline:

  • Character Level: 12th
  • Point Buy: High Fantasy (20 points)
  • Race Options: All of the “Common Races” are available for play (with the exception of the Halfling and Gnome)1. Additional races from the Advanced Race Guide are open, but require DM consideration and approval.
  • Class Options: All classes are available for play.
  • Character Traits: All characters may select two traits from the books listed above. If you’d like a 3rd trait, you also must select a negative trait to “buy” the 3rd trait.
  • Character Wealth: Characters will begin play with 108,000gp + their class starting wealth. Most items can be purchased from the above books, but all such acquisitions must be approved by the DM.2 Absolutely no stat-boosting items will be purchasable.
  • Additional Stat Increases: At 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter characters may apply a +1 bonus to any one statistic, but cannot apply this bonus to the same stat consecutively. This replaces the normal bonus granted at 4th level (and every 4 levels thereafter).

Additional Rules

  • Hero Points: You’re heroes in the making, thus the standard Hero Point rules will be used.
  • Reputation and Fame: The party will be achieving heroic deeds, or falling epically! We will use the Reputation and Fame rules from Ultimate Campaign to track the party’s advancement. Characters will begin play with a Fame score equal to your character level + their Charisma modifier.
  • Honor: The Honor system from Ultimate Campaign will be available to any character choosing to utilize it. Characters will begin play with a number of honor points equal to their character level + their Charisma modifier.
  • Contacts: Along with fame and honor, characters will be cultivating contacts throughout the world, as laid out in Ultimate Campaign. Each character will start with one reliable contact (trust level 3), worked out by the GM and the player in advance.

1Should a player desire to build a halfling or gnome, re-skinning is an option. Maybe your hero is a particularly small and deft human, or a booksmart dwarf. Such racial considerations are up to DM discretion.

2Magic items will be handled a little differently in this world. First, wondrous items will be much more rare than normal and will require additional consideration from the DM. Stat increasing items will not be allowed, but will be supplemented by an ‘additional stat increase’ found above. In addition, weapons and armor aren’t considered ‘magical’ unless they have a +4 or higher combined bonus. This rule limits weapons and armor from having ‘magical’ traits such as ‘flaming’, although a non-magical ‘sharp’ quality could be added instead, and the d6 damage type would change to that of the weapon. Weapons and armor bonuses of +1 to +3 are simply considered higher tiers of masterwork quality. All such items still function as ‘magical’ for the purpose determining hit points and hardness for sundering, as well as overcoming damage reduction

Character Creation

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