Calendars of the World


Third Age Calendar

Equivalent Cleric Months Shaman Half-Seasons
February Chalice Earth’s Rebirth
March Tome Earth’s Growth
April Seed Spring’s Rain
May Anvil Spring’s Waning
June Mace Summer’s Rising
July Sword Summer’s Descent
August Sickle Harvest’s Will
September Bow Harvest’s End
October Tide Leaves Changing
November Scale Leaves Falling
December Shield Winter’s Embrace
January Cloak Winter’s Passing

The Third Chalice of Earth’s Rebirth.
The Tenth Mace of Summer’s Rising.
The Twenty-second Tide of Leave’s Changing.

Cleric Calendar

Equivalent Cleric Months Patron God Cleric Themes
February Chalice Yevora Celebration
March Tome Oremaedus
April Seed Aphai Preparation
May Anvil Eumiel
June Mace Vehana War
July Sword Daetheleor
August Sickle Illyra Harvest
September Bow Dimaeria
October Tide Litoraleis Changing
November Scale Oldar
December Shield Calune Survival
January Cloak Asgirrathad

Shaman Calendar

Equivalent Shaman Seasons Shaman Half-Seasons
February Earth Earth’s Rebirth
March Earth’s Growth
April Spring Spring’s Rain
May Spring’s Waning
June Summer Summer’s Rising
July Summer’s Descent
August Harvest Harvest’s Will
September Harvest’s End
October Leaves Leaves Changing
November Leaves Falling
December Winter Winter’s Embrace
January Winter’s Passing

Calendars of the World

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