Aliases: Moonbearer, The Dark Guardian, The Shield in the Night, The Midnight Defender
Alignment: CG
Domains: Darkness, Healing, Protection, Void
Subdomains: Defense, Moon, Restoration, Stars
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Favored Animal: Cat

Calune the goddess of the moon was among the first to appear during the Rise of the Ring-realm; Idolis, home of the gods. Indeed, for Calune and her twin sister Vehana were the heralds of the Age of Illumination, when light was brought back to the world after a great age of darkness and suffering. Since the Rise of Idolis they have waged a constant war against Veloris, the god of darkness and ruler of the Under-realm. Each day, Vehana rides her fiery lioness through the sky to beat back the darkness and illuminate the realm of men. Yet when Vehana’s ride takes her beneath the edge of the world, The Dark Guardian raises up her shield to illuminate the night, and to protect those in need when they are most vulnerable.

Followers of Calune hail from all races and walks of life, and are brought to her alter by a common desire to protect the innocent no matter the cost. They are vigilantes and heroes who hold human life above all else, and who’s duty calls when the rest of the world slumbers. Rather than fearing the night, her worshipers embrace and adapt to it, for it is during the night that the agents of Veloris creep up from the Under-realm to do harm. Prayer is always held at night in the light of the Moonbearer’s aegis, the shield the goddess carries on her nocturnal missions across the starry sky. Services and prayers are succinct, if not rushed, for to truly serve Calune is to join in her Patrol, a duty which her followers commit to unerringly. This overwhelming sense of duty is one of the defining edicts of her worshipers; to give yourself entirely to the cause of defending liberty and life. After all it was Calune’s duty to the realm of men that kept her from a life with Litoraleis the Lord of the Deep; a love that still persists, as is evident by the ocean’s constant reaching toward the moon.

The Shield in the Night does more than just defend the realm of men. As her followers will often say, “The blade which strikes, also blocks”. As such, Calune’s aegis is constantly shifting as the goddess moves between defensive and offensive postures. These phases are referred to as guards.

  • Full Guard: When Calune’s shield is in total view is the holiest night of each cycle.
  • Unguarded: When her shield cannot be seen and her followers need be most vigilant.
  • Half-guard (Striking Moon): When half of the shield is visible and is moving to strike.
  • Half-guard (Blocking Moon): When half of the shield is visible and is moving to block.

Prayers and sayings

The Shield in the Night,
the blade that is drawn.
Her Aegis of Light,
will shine till the dawn.

The guard in the gloom,
the midnight defender.
bring darkness’s doom,
So dusk shall surrender.


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