Critical Hits, Misses

For this campaign we will be using the supplemental “Critical Hit” and “Critical Fumble” decks released by Paizo Publishing. Included with these decks were rules, some of them optional. The following are the rules we will be using.

Critical Hits

  • Whenever a player confirms a crit, that player draws one card from the deck and follows the result appropriate to the weapon’s damage type (bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing). For magical attacks, use the magic entry. For weapons with critical multipliers of x3, the player draws two cards from the deck and chooses which effect to use (for x4 weapons draw two cards). The player must take the card’s result unless it cannot be applied, in which case the player rolls x2 damage normally.
  • Any time a player scores a critical hit, he may forgo the additional damage and effect to instead hold on to this card. He can exchange this card at any time to negate a critical fumble.

Critical Fumbles

  • Whenever an attacker rolls a natural 1 on the die, the attack misses and there is a threat of a fumble. The attacker must immediately make a confirmation roll, using his highest full base attack bonus (and accompanying modifiers). If the attack roll would miss the target, the attacker fumbles and must draw a card from the deck. Apply the result appropriate to the attack type (melee, ranged, natural, or magic). Natural attacks refer to any attack made with a body part, such as a claw, bite, slam, unarmed strike, tail, or wing. Unless otherwise stated, all of these effects are in addition to the attack failing.


  • Bleed: Effects that cause a bleed effect deal the listed amount of damage every round at the end of the affected characters turn (until healed). Unless otherwise noted, all ability bleed is damage (not drain). Bleed can be ended by any magical cure spell or a DC 15 Heal check made as a standard action.
  • Save (Crit): Unless a DC is listed, the DC for any save that is called for is equal to the confirmation roll used to score the critical hit (after all modifiers have been applied). Saves only affect additional critical effects, never base weapon damage.
  • Save (Fumble): Unless a DC is listed, the DC for any necessary save is equal to the armor class of the target.
  • Until Healed : This always refers to the additional damage or bleed effect, not the weapon (or spell) damage.

Critical Hits, Misses

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