A Garden of War

Battle for Tinser Point

Campaign: The Seeds of Wrath

Battleof tensor point

Orcs rush into battle!

Session Summary

  • After slaying the mighty Cave Ravager within the depths of Thunderlode Mine, our adventurers found a bodies riddled with barbarian arrows and weaponry.
  • Searching further however, the party found a mysterious sword, one that even Orden Ulfgar couldn’t identify.
  • The party continued through the rest of the mine, and finding no further evidence, returned to Tinser Point to ask “Old Man” Kraddich if he recognized the blade or it’s make.
  • Coming down the hill in mid-day, the party saw what looked to be a large group of people traveling south-east toward the Cascade Mountains.
  • Reaching town, the people of Tinser Point, lead by Sir Anson Danst, held a meeting in the towns square. Laud and Rynang Brawnbelt presented their evidence of barbarian attacks to the townsfolk, and pleaded with Danst and the people of Tinser Point to march against the barbarians!
  • Showing the blade to Kraddich, he immediately identified it as orcish make. An argument erupted but was soon silenced by a massive bolder landing amidst the crowd.
  • Orcs and Hill Giants assaulted the town, and fighting bravely aside the people of Tinser Point, our champions prevailed!

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Hill Giants 7 3,200 x2 6,400
Orcs 1/3 135 x10 1,350
Quest Completion XP 4,000
SUBTOTAL 11,750 / 4
TOTAL 2,940 xp
Journal XP (Orden) 250 250



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