A Garden of War

Encounter with the Knife-eaters

Campaign: A Garden of War


Session Summary

The 14th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • The group stood in the ruins of Earlmoor as the weight of their past together was allowed to sink in. They had gone through much, and defeated many a powerful foe. Their road now lay before them to the south, where they planned to catch a boat to the Brineshell to seek audience with Royal Loremaster Rohmanar. Surely if anyone could identify or decipher the evil artifact in their posession, it would be he.
  • The party headed south toward Point Oreish, where they first met. Some time into their travels, with the forest once again thickening and closing in, they spotted small forms hanging from the tree bows ahead, above the road. Moving closer, they recognized the forms as birds hanging from nooses, a sign of banditry similar to those spotted on this same road two weeks prior. Again Cahal cut down the corpses and laid them to rest in the forest where they would make their way back into the soil.
  • Further south, the group spotted stone burial cairns along the road, ones that were built out of haste. Asgrim knew whomever buried this man, was a follower of Dimaeria, as the rites of her priesthood had been observed.
  • Sarien heard a snapping branch behind them, and turned to spot a small man crouched far off the road in the woods, watching them. As soon as the man was spotted, he fled, initiating a chase through the forest. Though the man was deft and quick, he couldn’t hope to outrun Sarien’s dimensional slide and thew down his blade in surrender.
  • The runner, now recognized as a young man of maybe 14 winters, bore scars on his cheeks, carved in a hideous symmetry. Sarien supposed he might be a member of the Knife-eater gang, and after pressuring the captured man, he admitted to exactly that. This boy served Fine Farrah, a murderous brigand both feared and loathed. Rumor has it, she was a whore who’d been on the wrong end of a drunken exchange with her sadistic pimp, ending in him carving her a smile from ear to hear. Farrah took her revenge against the pimp, and turned to a life of banditry. Farrah loaths beauty, and scars every man or woman who wishes to join her gang.
  • Sarien pressured the scarred boy into telling the party where the Knife-eater hide-out was, as so the group headed off-road for some investigating.
  • Soon enough the runner lead the party to a camp deep in the woods, tucked between rocky cliffs and with a cave at the back of the brigands grove. Here, Asgrim declared his lineage, and insisted that Farrah come out to meet them. She was more than happy to oblige, though she did so with a flurry of poisoned shureikens flying through the air. Despite the gang’s reputation, they were no match for the adventurers, and all men but one were slain.
  • Night fell as the group looted the hideout then camped for the night.

Vehana’s Day: The 15th Mace of Summer’s Rising

  • The next day the party continued to Point Oreish with the one living knife-eater, and by mid day had made their goal. Cyric immediately delivered the thief to a guard post where the guard informed the party of a bounty on Fine Farrah’s head.
  • Lamenting having not brought proof of Farrah’s demise, Asgrim acted quickly, finding a dwarven dock worker onto which he would pass a quest. The dwarf, identified as Toric, would travel first to the Knife-eater hide-out in hopes of bringing back proof of the gang-leader’s death. If he did so, her ransom would be his. Secondly and most important, he was asked to travel to Brokenbridge, to the Dwarven Quarter where he might find a high-official of the dwarven populace and inform him of the fate of Regg Blacksteel, and his murderrer, the dark caster Denegroth. For his quest, he was gifted magical potions, a finely made greatsword, and the trust of a hero-dwarf in the making.
  • Having passed on this mission, Asgrim now took to gathering information about the ships in harbor, seeking knowledge of which ones might carry them to the Brineshell. It was dinner-time before he had all the knowledge he could muster.
  • Two such ships sat at the harbor of Point Oreish. The first, Sunfish was a quick three-masted caravel headed almost strait to the Brineshell. She had three decks, a crew of thirty men, and a brave (by reputation) captain named Shervin Twobeards. Two of his crew enjoyed drinks at The Devil’s Flask. “Doc” Laselle, the first-mate of Sunfish who was rather lavishly dressed for a sailor, and Big Dill, one of the strongest men the dwarf had ever seen. Asgrim spoke to each, and though he sensed no darkness or ill-will, he did suspect that the crew was hiding something from him. When pressured, Big Dill insisted there was no need to worry. That if the group wanted to travel discreetly, that happened to be Twobeards’s specialty.
  • The second ship was Gallant, a massive three-masted, three-decked dromon sailing out of Taiut, the capitol of the Sultantate of Al-Dahin. Her journey would be twice as long as Sunfish’s, as her hull wasn’t built for the open sea, and she would have to stick to the coasts. She had a grand captain as well, one Saladin the Stormtreader. From her crew of nearly two hundred, several had come ashore. Asgrim learned about Selka Scalesinger, the “fishcharmer”, whom it was said would cause fish to jump onto the deck of a ship by her voice alone. Atop the roof of the bar, sat a lone figure named Xericuse, a star-gazer, and navigator of Gallant. What information was gathered of this ship, Asgrim didn’t like the sound of, and the group convened, deciding they would barter for travel on Sunfish in the morning.

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Chase through the woods 1,000
Fine Farrah 10 9,600 1 9,600
Brigand Bard 7 3,200 1 3,200
Blackstrike 8 4,800 1 4,800
Deadly Spy 8 4,800 1 4,800
Henchmen 5 1,600 6 9,600
Choosing Vessels 2,000
Subtotal 35,000 / 6
Total 5,833xp



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