A Garden of War

Summer's Fortune (Part I)

Campaign: A Garden of War

Summers fortune part1

Session Summary

The 30th Anvil of Spring’s Waning

  • On the eve of Summer’s Fortune, the city was astir with preparations for the coming festival. Having met with Father Theaton, Cahal took wing across the city to join Saeros near the tournament grounds. There, the pair saw the banners of every high house in the kingdom. House Ryndinadris from Aeria, High Throne of the Skyrealm, House Aldaine of Brokenbridge, House Belfort of Highguarde, House Kairclaw from The Talon, and House Uncer of The Valefort.
  • Saeros took particular interest in House Kairclaw’s presence, as that was the home of his former master, from whence he was exiled.
  • Now within the tournament grounds, Cahal entered himself and Arley into the falconry contest, as well as signing Taranath up for the ‘Battle of Beasts’.
  • Once finishing their goal, the companions parted ways, Saeros and Cahal traveling together back across the city to The Pickled Gizzard. On their way the pair sought out a maps and antiquities shop, acquiring a pair of maps of the Viridian Penninsula. One map was of present day Viridia, the other from more than two decades ago, before the Great Goblin War changed the landscape.
  • Having found the maps they sought, the pair traveled back to the forest-side of the city and rested a bit at The Pickled Gizzard.
  • The conversation with Father Theaton earlier that day nagged at Cahal, wondering what Brother Felius was doing spending so much time at the Sunny Meadow’s Asylum. Talking it over with Saeros, the pair decided to investigate further, and made their way to the border of the city, where the hospital sat.
  • Along the way, Saeros chased down a thief running off with a woman’s stolen necklace, and returned the jewelry to it’s proper owner.
  • Finally reaching Sunny Meadows, and after some winged investigating, the pair decided to simply knock on the front door. A woman answered, and introduced herself as Leach-Mother Maya. Maya recognized Cahal’s clothing, mentioning Brother Felius’s recent presence. Unfortunately, Cahal’s brother-in-roots had left the asylum on shaky terms, apparently having pushed a patient into regression.
  • When asked about the patient, Maya told the adventurers of a human woman, now more than a score aged, but with the mind of a child, who was one of their first patients ever, and was the only remaining survivor of the Goblin War within the ward.
  • The pair of adventurers asked for admittance to see the woman, but was quickly turned away by the Leach-Mother, who’s trust had clearly been lost by Brother Felius’s mishap. Still, the adventurers pushed her, eventually agreeing to a supervised meeting.
  • Satisfied with their progress, the monk and the druid returned to the inn to rest for the festival tomorrow!

XP Breakdown

Creature Name CR XP # XP
Map Aquisition RP 500 500
Thief Chase 1,000 1,000
Sunny Meadow’s RP 2,000 2,000
Subtotal 3,500
Total 875xp



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