A Garden of War

Audience with an Ancient Wyrm

Campaign: A Garden of War


The Third Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • Having spent most of their spells and resources in the fight against the mythic silver-back and his pack, the group decided to camp out the night along the cliffs of the valley. That evening Sarien located the entrance to Rhazilarian’s cave, cleverly hidden by Rohmanar’s illusionary terrain spell.

The Fourth Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • Before entering the cave, Sarien had to dispel the permanent image over the entrance, and destroy the wall of force behind it with his own disintegration. Once inside, a greater glyph of warding triggered the guards and wards spell the loremaster had placed here, creating fog in the corridors of the cave, sticky webs on staircases, confusion of the spelunkers at intersections, false walls and passages, and a magic mouth baring an ominous message.
  • Despite Rohmanar’s well laid wards, the party eventually made their way through the magic maze, and into the great wrym’s chamber.
  • And so our heroes faced their greatest challenge thus far, navigating a parlay with an ancient, powerful, and temperamental magma dragon the locals knew as the Scourge of Riker’s Narrow. Using Sarien’s black-blade to translate the Olde Tongue, the party engaged in flattery, wit, long-winded allegory, and emotional appeal, literally pouring chests of gold and magical items at the great wrym’s feet. Some approaches failed, like presuming to explain history to one who lived it, or presenting the dangerous artifact you carry without first explaining their intent. Rhazilarian mocked and baited, but the heroes didn’t bite; wisely choosing to hold their tongues and spells when things got heated. In the end, the fellowship received what it came for, the translation of the ‘activation phrase’ used to unlock the cube. However the dragon presented them with another problem: In order to open the cube, one must be ring-touched, their mythic god-hood awoke. Fortunately the wyrm could smell the blood of the old-gods in the party’s veins, the’d now only need to survive a ring-fall event and they could finish their quest! Soon, Old Rhaz was nearly stoked to an explosive anger, but his hunger was sated long enough for our heroes to swiftly vacate the lair, feeling lucky to have made it out in one piece.
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Breaking Rohmanar’s Wards 10,000
Rhaziliaren: Scourge of Riker’s Narrow 17 102,400 1 102,400
Subtotal 112,400 / 7
Total 16,057xp



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