A Garden of War

King of the Creeping Isles

Campaign: A Garden of War


The Second Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • It was twilight of the Second Sword when the party rolled their carriage up to the gate of Belurn where a Brineshell knight and several town guards waited. The party bluffed their way past the knight, though it seemed like one of the guards had grown suspicious. Still, they were allowed to enter the town.
  • While Cahal, Blithe, and Lirah soaked in the hot baths of a local inn, Ilrune, Sarien, and Cyric went about making preparations for an impromptu magic show. The sorcerers procured an establishment in which to hose the event, promising the inn-keep of the Spread Eagle all of the proceeds while Cyric wrangled a pair of off-duty town guards to act as bouncers. Meanwhile, Marshall Thorne camped on the outskirts of town.
  • At dark the show began! Ilrune gave a rousing telling of heroic acts and feats of near divinity. Most in attendance loved the show, though some were skeptical and suspicious of strange magics. Much drink and debauchery were had. In the commotion the party slipped out unnoticed, seeming to “disappear into thin air” as the locals will come to tell the story.
  • Finally the group made their way to the docks were they were to meet one _Gilreth, “The Grinch” as Rohmanar called him. He kept a dilapidated boathouse near the docks. After flashing the sigil of the Crossed Keys, they were allowed to enter, and Gilreth questioned the party. After some time, he agreed to take them to the Creeping Isles immediately, as Rohmanar wasn’t known for his patience.
  • The party got out of town just as the guard from the gate managed to rouse enough suspicion of the group to seek them out. They sailed north toward the Creeping Isles at once.

The Third Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • They made landfall hours later, and began the trek inland up a steep jungle valley that climbed the volcanic mountain at the island’s center. Rohmanar had warned the party of the savage and dreadful giant apes that stalked the jungles, including their silverback Mok’Orah, King of the Creeping Isles. Once in the king’s court, Mok’Orah was obliged to welcome the trespassers with mythic fang and claw, his four arms dealing out a punishment even the mighty armor-master Cyric couldn’t hope to withstand. But the heroes dug deep, fought smart, and in the end, usurped the simian king of his arboreal throne.
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Roleplay: Magic show in Belurn 10,000
Gigantopithecus Majora 10 9,600 4 38,400
Mok’Ora: Silverback Majora 13 25,600 1 25,600
Subtotal 74,000 / 7
Total 10,571xp



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