A Garden of War

The Shadow Syndicate Returns

Campaign: A Garden of War


The Fourth Sword of Summer’s Descent

  • It was mid day when our heroes returned triumphant from the dragons lair only to find their ferry from the Creeping Isles vanished and their ferryman Gilreth murdered and mutilated in a way to suggest the Shadow Syndicates return for vengeance. A bloody note stabbed into the ferryman with a dagger called out the party. “Brave fools, Come to Ryker’s Narrow or many more innocents will die. Their lives are in your hands, heroes. -G”
  • The party hypothesized the signature to be Geneva’s, second sister of the syndicate brood. Knowing they had to act fast, Cahal took wing with Lirah on his back; landing on a passing vessel -Gold Fever and asking it’s rakish captain for passage. Heartbreak Hansen was more than happy to oblige for a price (dinner with the beautiful lady) and helped the party to Ryker’s Narrow just before sundown.
  • And so our heroes walked into a vampire trap, knowingly. The fight proved both brutal and lengthy, pushing the party to their limits. The heroes began on their back foot, and only gained the advantage after taking out the pair of vampire priests that had been healing the unholy force. With the healers out of the way, the brood began to weaken, and were slain one-by-one by the party’s brave actions. The vampires we’re “ashed”, but their gaseous shadowy spirits drifted away to the south, presumably to their coffins where they can recuperate and plan their next strike against the heroes.
Creature Name CR XP # XP
Roleplay: On-board the Gold Rush 8,000
Geneva; Second Ruling Sister of the Shadow Syndicate 14 38,400 1 38,400
Enlightened Vampire 12 19,200 1 19,200
Vampire Savage 10 9,600 1 9,600
Vampire-Clerics of Veloris 8 4,800 2 9,600
Goons: Cads and Sharpshooters 6 2,400 8 19,200
Subtotal 104,000 / 7
Total 14,857xp



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